Dear December

hey folks how ya doing??
I have a lot of things going on with my life... even thought everything that happen is done with a lot of tears, happiness, laughter and love <3 font="" lang="EN" nbsp="" style="font-size: 100%; line-height: 115%;">hair is a bit longer now :) so happy with it. Well this December I will be here ( @ Jakarta ) having a sweet time with my Boyfriend.. spending a lot time with him :)
So what do you think about my new hair?? :p
Oh ya, I have This new Doll. It's really cute!! It's a Cute Dogy Doll :p it's kinda big thought. but it so soft and freaking fluffy!! oh gosh I just remember how agnes from despicable Me say it... XD
oh ya, have you watch Tron and Devil?? Tron 3D not really good but I like The story and the effect!! It so cool!! and I was thinking like if we can keep car and motorcycle like that, we don't need our parking lot and oil for the car!! cool right?! hahaha.. (what a dream) Devil..? hmm not really that scary.. But It's nice to watch too. you might learn something from it :) (y)
Yesterday I just meet my HKO Friend again :) Gathering once in a year :) tehee...~ it's about 9 ppl. but Octa, Velin, Fanny, Bebet and Cornet not coming.. but still I have a lot of fun with them. take 1 picture too :p only one hahahaha... to bad huh?? Well.., Maybe that's all for now...
My gathering picture <3 nbsp="">
Oh ya, I just Wish that next year I will Change my BlackBerry hehehe I hope onxy2 :p see ya Folks and Wait for my other blog okey ;)

Meet Mr.Devil

Introduce you to :

Mr. DeviL
my boy friend bought me this cute doll

Ms. Bobo & Mr. DeviL History :
I just love this doll! when I saw this doll, I immediately fell in love! This doll actually have a pair. I think it was the same shape but smaller and colored orange. I saw this doll on the web and someone saw it too. someone knew that I want it.

Couple Photo Session

Hey Peeps..., hahaha Today I would like to talked about Couple. Some people might jealous just by seeing from the picture. But, Picture says about everything and you can felt how lovely and how romantic aren't they ^^. There's a lot of couple around us am I right?? and do you see they were so romantic.., care about each other.., love each other.., But there is time when they get angry with each other.., mumbling to each other and being silly to each other just by one silly mistake that they don't have to angry with each other. Am I right?? Am I right?? yes I am right :p

I have already dating with a guy for 8 times. From Secondary High School Until now.. got a lot happy memories and sad too. But, What do I get from all of my Ex-Boyfriend ?? I learn how to love someone in different way and I learn how to forgive and forget someone :) But you have to love your self before you love other person. If you can't love your self how will you love someone else??

ok ok I get all this picture from Facebook and I like all of this picture. I hope you like this picture too. Tell what you think about all this picture ;)


What do you feel about this picture??
Looking to the sky together
This one is just to cute !!
aren't This sweet??
I Love this picture

My sister take this picture
Smoooch :*
Love you all Peep

need some rehab or sleep

Ke$ha - Your Love is My Drug

Well this song is so real for my life and yeah I love this song and I hope you like this song too :)

Ke$ha Your Love Is My Drug lyrics that I bold!!
"Maybe I need some rehab,

Or maybe just need some sleep
I've got a sick obsession,
I'm seeing it in my dreams"

"I'm making those desperate calls
Im staying up all night hoping,
What you've got boy is hard to find
Think about it all about it all the time"

"I just cant get you off my mind
Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug
Won't listen to any advice, mamma's telling me to think twice
I don't care what people say"

"The rush is worth the price I pay
I get so high when you're with me
But crash and crave you when you are away"

Hope you peeps like this song ^^

Smoooch :*
Love you all Peep

work work work

yups yups..!! It's time to work :) now I'm not a (pengangguran)
so I work with my mum start from last Monday and before that I'm kinda lazy to work because tomorrow is holiday hahaha XD because on 17/08/10 It was Indonesia Independence day and I kinda forget about that day :D
I work from 8am till 5pm and I wake up on 6.30am in the morning and I'm still blind and lazy to do anything. But now, I not that lazy anymore :) that's the good part and I combine my outfit kind well..., I think so hahaha :D
but I forget to take photo ... but next time I will peeps ^.~ hope I don't forget hahaha..

Smoooch :*
Love you all Peep

Testing My Webcam

oke this Friday is not my day at all!! OMFG do you know what I do today?? I just take some picture for my passport because I'm gonna go to Hongkong and yeah I'm kinda excited!! hahaha :D

after that I go to my house at Ancol ( daerah Alexis) with my boyfriend. say hello to my mum and talk about some stuff and then go to eat with Ko Ahau and Ci Flo :p we eat and talk about
school , my little sister and my big brother too.

oh ya, why did I talk about something that not important at all?? hahaha :D and yeah I found my old webcam and I didn't use it for so long so now I'm gonna use it again and I take some picture
and video :D wanna see peeps??

Big Eyes Huh :D

You Heart Me peeps ;)

Less To do

Hey Peeps..., hihihi.. I've got nothing to do but I have fun last night :3 a lot of fun :3 going there and here... waiting for someone that I really love :p hihihi... yeah I meet Kiki again and I have a lot of Fun :3 seems like I can do what ever I like when I'm with him :3 he is such an angel to me :3 hahaha.. seems like I'm to happy right?? :p
we eat martabak telor.. poor I don't take a picture of it :p hihihi well next time I promise you peeps I will take some photo oke ;3 hihihi... than we go to his brother place and take a little nap there :p eat together and all that :p we also eat Bakso something I already forget the name hahaha XD but really, I have a lot of fun with him and yeah i go back home like around 3 pm and I do nothing.. than I got bored so I take some picture and edit a little bit :p

Miss Bobo Love you peeps
Smooooch :*

2nd Blog 1st Post

yeah it's my 2nd Blog and my 1st post :3 I love to write and read :3..., I have a lot of thing to tell you peeps but some of them I cant tell you peeps.. bcoz it's to private thought :3 I don't use my 1st blog anymore now.. I don't really like it thought don't know why... maybe bcoz I use to write many story about my life and love story there :3 puff~

maybe today I'm not gonna write to much on my 1st post :3 But I will write again soon peeps :3 hehehe.. just don't forget to follow me on Blogger, Twitter and formspring too :3 oke ^.~

Smoooch :*
Love you all Peeps