Less To do

Hey Peeps..., hihihi.. I've got nothing to do but I have fun last night :3 a lot of fun :3 going there and here... waiting for someone that I really love :p hihihi... yeah I meet Kiki again and I have a lot of Fun :3 seems like I can do what ever I like when I'm with him :3 he is such an angel to me :3 hahaha.. seems like I'm to happy right?? :p
we eat martabak telor.. poor I don't take a picture of it :p hihihi well next time I promise you peeps I will take some photo oke ;3 hihihi... than we go to his brother place and take a little nap there :p eat together and all that :p we also eat Bakso something I already forget the name hahaha XD but really, I have a lot of fun with him and yeah i go back home like around 3 pm and I do nothing.. than I got bored so I take some picture and edit a little bit :p

Miss Bobo Love you peeps
Smooooch :*

2nd Blog 1st Post

yeah it's my 2nd Blog and my 1st post :3 I love to write and read :3..., I have a lot of thing to tell you peeps but some of them I cant tell you peeps.. bcoz it's to private thought :3 I don't use my 1st blog anymore now.. I don't really like it thought don't know why... maybe bcoz I use to write many story about my life and love story there :3 puff~

maybe today I'm not gonna write to much on my 1st post :3 But I will write again soon peeps :3 hehehe.. just don't forget to follow me on Blogger, Twitter and formspring too :3 oke ^.~

Smoooch :*
Love you all Peeps