Testing My Webcam

oke this Friday is not my day at all!! OMFG do you know what I do today?? I just take some picture for my passport because I'm gonna go to Hongkong and yeah I'm kinda excited!! hahaha :D

after that I go to my house at Ancol ( daerah Alexis) with my boyfriend. say hello to my mum and talk about some stuff and then go to eat with Ko Ahau and Ci Flo :p we eat and talk about
school , my little sister and my big brother too.

oh ya, why did I talk about something that not important at all?? hahaha :D and yeah I found my old webcam and I didn't use it for so long so now I'm gonna use it again and I take some picture
and video :D wanna see peeps??

Big Eyes Huh :D

You Heart Me peeps ;)


  1. great photos !
    thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

  2. kayakny webcamny masih buram


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