Dear December

hey folks how ya doing??
I have a lot of things going on with my life... even thought everything that happen is done with a lot of tears, happiness, laughter and love <3 font="" lang="EN" nbsp="" style="font-size: 100%; line-height: 115%;">hair is a bit longer now :) so happy with it. Well this December I will be here ( @ Jakarta ) having a sweet time with my Boyfriend.. spending a lot time with him :)
So what do you think about my new hair?? :p
Oh ya, I have This new Doll. It's really cute!! It's a Cute Dogy Doll :p it's kinda big thought. but it so soft and freaking fluffy!! oh gosh I just remember how agnes from despicable Me say it... XD
oh ya, have you watch Tron and Devil?? Tron 3D not really good but I like The story and the effect!! It so cool!! and I was thinking like if we can keep car and motorcycle like that, we don't need our parking lot and oil for the car!! cool right?! hahaha.. (what a dream) Devil..? hmm not really that scary.. But It's nice to watch too. you might learn something from it :) (y)
Yesterday I just meet my HKO Friend again :) Gathering once in a year :) tehee...~ it's about 9 ppl. but Octa, Velin, Fanny, Bebet and Cornet not coming.. but still I have a lot of fun with them. take 1 picture too :p only one hahahaha... to bad huh?? Well.., Maybe that's all for now...
My gathering picture <3 nbsp="">
Oh ya, I just Wish that next year I will Change my BlackBerry hehehe I hope onxy2 :p see ya Folks and Wait for my other blog okey ;)

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  1. Hey you look nice with your new hair look fresh and cute :)

    You look good together with your boyfriend


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