surprising moment for this 1month

haven post for awhile ago..
lot's of surprising stuff going on for my life... do you remember my best buddy ??
yeah his name is Banny. what surprise did I got from this man???

he having a FREAKING BABY!!! IT's A baby!! and I'm the second person to know about this..!! damn..!! how did I know?? well when the baby going to came out He call me and ask for help --a
What The Hell right??!! I was like how can I do that?? how can I go there while I'm @ Church?! Dude your crazy!!

this is me and banny on phone texting
B = Mel came to "this hospital" I need your help!!
M = What?? and why the hell should I came??

B = Cause soon Fefe (his GF) and me have baby.
M = WHAT?! you crazy dude!! don't mess up with me dude!! you lie right??

B = Hell no!! please came cause I'm quite stress and I'm alone here
M = woo woo.. how the hell can I?? I'm @ church dude sorry..
the other one is my other friend name Marissa
it's like 1month ago we talking about life and love... and she said hell no for having a BF.. I'm on my own... but yeah you shock me girl!!
she bring a man while seeing banny sons..!! I don't expect that... but yeah that's for real..

another surprise of my day...
and back like 2weeks ago from now.., My boyfriend house on fire!! I was totally freaking out when know about that... I was hoping I can help him...
and yeah about 3 days after day I came to his place .. and it's look really terrible ='(


20 August 2011 Saturday, the day where I was baptized.
I have been reborn, in the sense of my old soul had been buried and rise again with a new soul. where now my prayers have been heard and will be granted.

well, my family did not come with me when baptist. because they were busy with their affairs. unfortunately no photos of me and at least there are some pictures that I requested from one of my friends who participated baptist.

Esther is the name of my baptist.

say good bye

Let's say good bye to " Runaway Meisie " cause I won't runaway from each of my problems... I will face it!! yeah It's been a long time for me not blogging...
lot's of problems that I have to solve till I want to runaway like I use too... hahaha

family problems... = private sorry
love problems... = Brake up
Work problems... = I just quit

hahaha...!! stress up?? hell yeah... where goes my friends when I need them the most... they gone just like the winds... but I'm glad that my old friend still worrying about me. even thought both of them were boys =p hahaha... where goes the girl?? naah.. I don't really have a lot girl's =p

now.. I'm looking for a new Job... so pray for me okay ;)
love?? hmm... it's settled already... someone giving me an extra care ^^
family??? let's say.. I'm going off with it...
searching for a living place soon ^^
20 August 2011 I promise to my self that I'm going to baptist

so folks..., I think you have to link my new blog name... sorry to disturb you guys... it won't take 3 minutes I think ^^ Love you guys...

have a great great day and God Bless You all

Wedding Party

yeah on Saturday I go to my BF Friend Wedding Party.. @ Golf Lake Building (PIK) yeah having so much fun and we ( My BF & Me ) we don't eat Rice but the other good food :p Like Kambing Guling :p and other...

I Love This Decoration really simple but It's look lovely aren't they ^^

This Is What I wear for the party :p

Dress by Glitter, Bag by Charles&Keith, Heels by Charles&Keith, Watch and Necklaces

This is My Boyfriend and Me ^^

And Yes This is me from behind ^^

Oh ya I love when the older sing "No one gonna change my love for you"

Welcome back Brother!! and Hello Mr.Churry

Yes Welcome Home Brother !! My Brother Just came back from Bangkok!! and He brought me some souvenir even thought Just a Hat and one bag lol
and Yeah Here some of the Cute" HAT!!

Well..., It's only 3 Hat's and 1 Bag which I'm not take the photo yet... but, It's cute right?? I was like hoping that he will bring me another cute stuff... But, poor me... He just brought me those stuff...

Yeah It's My sister Birthday Party!!
We Eat @ Mr.Churry @GI / PI I don't really remember thought
Here some of the picture!!

This is Me and My Little Sister hahaha XD

This is My Brother and his 2 other friend's ^^

Let's CEK OUT our Menu :p

YES YES YES!! ITADAKIMASU!! Let's EAT everyone ^^

Happy bday PART 1

Yes yes yes !! HAPPY BORN - DAY TO MY sweet" Little Sister!!
I wish her all the best!! I wish she will be a mature girl and she could reach everything that she wants and every dream that she want ^^

today me and the other going to celebrate her birthday... well, still don't know where to celebrate hahaha =D that's US!! soOo..., no picture yet for the birthday party!!
but, I will give my picture and her :p

Our Childhood Picture!! aren't we cute or what =D

NOW we being a Teenage Girls!! and Still we LOVE each other!! we also love FIGHTING =D
Once again, Happy birthday my little Sipit sister =D

"I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished, but I’m more proud that you’re my friend & my little sister. Happy birthday."

Protect Me

"I love you more than any word can say ... I love you more than every action I take ... I'll be right here loving you till the end."

I Love you dearly... I'm glad that I have you for being my mister right and I know that you will be my last one and yes we will grow old together...
Oh dear you make me comfort whenever you with me... walking beside me, having dinner together, watching TV @ my room while you hugging me... those feeling when you beside me.., I LOVE it!! I just know that you will always protect me from every angle when someone want to hurt me. I know that you will always be there even thought you were far apart, I just know that you will stay by my side even thought just by BBM-ing or phone me.
But, I know you always do the best for our relation ship and me too... Just by seeing you smile make me also smile baby...

"I loved you once, I love you still, I always have, I always will..."

yes I always tell you those words and you also tell me those words... and I always remember that... No one can replace you from my heart. My Happiness is in you baby... I might get moody when I'm not seeing you like a whole week!! I might get angry and do stupid things... and yeah I know you do the same thing.. and yes we know each other ^^

"The More I know YOU, The More I LOVE YOU..."




the other month I have this diet program and I thought it was working perfectly!!
and for your information... I loose my weight like about 10 KG !!
ohh my gosh!! it was shocking me !!
I Loose lot of weight and yeah every one says that I look more thin and my betis ( I don't the English words :p ) look smaller!!
yeaaa..!! for my happiness and my success DIET!!

The best thing of this successes is that I could use my old Sexy DRESS!! CUTE JEANS!! and the other CUTE Shirt that I have!! yeah!!



Special Valentine for You

Hey guys, I'm selling Chocolate for Valentine Jakarta Only. Closing on 4 February so contact me as fast as you can :)
See the Detail here :

Price Rp 45.000
Detail 12 Chocolate , you may request the ribbon color and doll are not include

Price Rp 60.000
Detail flower vase + 3 Chocolate + 2 stick Chocolate + 1 stick Heart Chocolate

Price Rp 150.000
Detail you may request any doll and ribbon color + 2 box of chocolate (1 box @8chocolate) + 1 bags color of jelly

Price Rp 210.000
Detail Parcel : Doll + aroma soup + towel + photo frame

For the chocolate, you may choose the flavor :
Berry Smooch = Strawberry Chocolate
Minty Kiss = Mint Chocolate
Nuts, Nuts, Nuts = Chocolate with Almonds
Crunchy Bites = Chocolate with Flakes
(all Chocolates come in 3 choices : Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate)

for payment, at least half of the price you transfer VIA BCA :) for order you may contact me here / my twitter :) or email me at thx guys :)

Close Order on 4 February and 9 February I'm done baking the chocolate so I will send it to you guys :) thank you

Dolly Little Hime

Hey Folks, I want you to meet MY NEW BEST FRIEND!! NEW MEMBER in MY FAMILY!! YEEAAHH….!! She is CUTE!! ADORABLE!! CLEVER!! SO HYPERACTIVE!! Even sometimes she makes me CRAZY!! It was my new puppy!! Yeeiii!! Came to my house on 24 Desember 2011
Dolly Little Hime (Chihuahua)
Smooth Coat Bitch

Color = Black and Tan
Tattoo Ear = AOH63
Love = Sleep on LV bed, Playing and eating Snacks!!
Dolly Friends = Pocky and Paris

Enjoy the Picture folks!! Oh yeah, it was so hard to take her picture.. She is just so active… and a bit naughty sometimes.

Meet Mr. Woolf

Introduce you to :
Mr. Woolf
My BoyFriend Bought this for me
Ms. Mel & Mr. Woolf History :
Well.., My Boyfriend and Me were dating @ MAG ( Mal Artha Gading ) we were going to watch and eat. But then, I go to this shop that has a lot's of Dolls and other cute stuff!! Oh my..., I just can’t choose from these cute and fluffy dolls!! It’s so Freaking Fluffy!! Every dolls that I see were so adorable!! But I have to choose one and I found Woolf which only one :3 hehehe and he buy it for me!! First Doll from him
Enjoy some of the picture folks..!!
Ms.Mel & Mr.Woolf

Welcoming 2011

Hey Folks It’s a brand new Year!! I want to say Happy New Year 2011 !! 2010, the most memorable year for me!! Lot’s PROBLEM but, I’m happy that I could handle it!! Lot’s of tears, smile, craziness, stupidest, Love, Fighting and other !!

SoOo… what did you guys do on 31-12-10 to 01-01-11?? I’m having a great time with my boyfriend, family (mum, lil Sis and Big Bro), and Big Bro friends!! Having a lot of fun at my home!!

But, My lil sis go with her friend party @ PIK (Audrey House) having her own party with her friends and sleep over at her friend house. I and My Boyfriend drop her first on the way back to my home. But we eat first at Lekko!! A good restaurant Iga Bakarnya mantap!! (yess)!! (1st round)

Than we go back home which is seeing my brother and the other preparing..., to wash the place that we going to use for BBQ - ing. But, Me and My Boyfriend prepared to eat (2nd round) with my dearest mother !! hehehe we eat hmm what is the name ya?? Yakiniku?? Yeah something like that la :p so yummy yum yum…!! But I forget to take some picture haish…!! It’s so not cool!!

Ouw ouw ouw… Forget to say this, I Love JD (Jack Daniel) and BL (Black Label)!!! we (me and the other) drink a lot and some got drunk and vomit... aish hate that vomiting stuff.... cause I’m the one who only clean it when it got stuck on my hand washer…

Well…, I think that’s all folks and sorry no picture yet hahahaha :p