Meet Mr. Woolf

Introduce you to :
Mr. Woolf
My BoyFriend Bought this for me
Ms. Mel & Mr. Woolf History :
Well.., My Boyfriend and Me were dating @ MAG ( Mal Artha Gading ) we were going to watch and eat. But then, I go to this shop that has a lot's of Dolls and other cute stuff!! Oh my..., I just can’t choose from these cute and fluffy dolls!! It’s so Freaking Fluffy!! Every dolls that I see were so adorable!! But I have to choose one and I found Woolf which only one :3 hehehe and he buy it for me!! First Doll from him
Enjoy some of the picture folks..!!
Ms.Mel & Mr.Woolf


  1. What a cute doll!! Hey it's only 1 pict that I see.. Where is the other?? Can't wait to see it :)

  2. You must be lucky to have a nice boyfriend :)
    And that doll look cute!!!!
    Oh that poo doll where did you buy that?? I love it!! Hahaha have a nice day girl!! Can't wait to see your other blog!!

  3. Dang!! That's freaking cute!! Oh my gosh!! Can I have it??!! Damn!! Have fun with your life girl!!

  4. oh my!! what a cute doll!! love the doll ear so big :D and you also look cute :) how old are you?? look so young dear :)

  5. Kawaii..!! You seems love that doll and your boyfriend hah :) good luck with it :)


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