Welcoming 2011

Hey Folks It’s a brand new Year!! I want to say Happy New Year 2011 !! 2010, the most memorable year for me!! Lot’s PROBLEM but, I’m happy that I could handle it!! Lot’s of tears, smile, craziness, stupidest, Love, Fighting and other !!

SoOo… what did you guys do on 31-12-10 to 01-01-11?? I’m having a great time with my boyfriend, family (mum, lil Sis and Big Bro), and Big Bro friends!! Having a lot of fun at my home!!

But, My lil sis go with her friend party @ PIK (Audrey House) having her own party with her friends and sleep over at her friend house. I and My Boyfriend drop her first on the way back to my home. But we eat first at Lekko!! A good restaurant Iga Bakarnya mantap!! (yess)!! (1st round)

Than we go back home which is seeing my brother and the other preparing..., to wash the place that we going to use for BBQ - ing. But, Me and My Boyfriend prepared to eat (2nd round) with my dearest mother !! hehehe we eat hmm what is the name ya?? Yakiniku?? Yeah something like that la :p so yummy yum yum…!! But I forget to take some picture haish…!! It’s so not cool!!

Ouw ouw ouw… Forget to say this, I Love JD (Jack Daniel) and BL (Black Label)!!! we (me and the other) drink a lot and some got drunk and vomit... aish hate that vomiting stuff.... cause I’m the one who only clean it when it got stuck on my hand washer…

Well…, I think that’s all folks and sorry no picture yet hahahaha :p



  1. Happy New Year too!! Wish you and your family the best!! Hope you and your boyfriend long last dear :)

  2. Happy new year too...!!
    Wow seems like you having a lot of fun huh :) wish you the best girl!!


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