Special Valentine for You

Hey guys, I'm selling Chocolate for Valentine Jakarta Only. Closing on 4 February so contact me as fast as you can :)
See the Detail here :

Price Rp 45.000
Detail 12 Chocolate , you may request the ribbon color and doll are not include

Price Rp 60.000
Detail flower vase + 3 Chocolate + 2 stick Chocolate + 1 stick Heart Chocolate

Price Rp 150.000
Detail you may request any doll and ribbon color + 2 box of chocolate (1 box @8chocolate) + 1 bags color of jelly

Price Rp 210.000
Detail Parcel : Doll + aroma soup + towel + photo frame

For the chocolate, you may choose the flavor :
Berry Smooch = Strawberry Chocolate
Minty Kiss = Mint Chocolate
Nuts, Nuts, Nuts = Chocolate with Almonds
Crunchy Bites = Chocolate with Flakes
(all Chocolates come in 3 choices : Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate)

for payment, at least half of the price you transfer VIA BCA :) for order you may contact me here / my twitter :) or email me at choco.scotch@yahoo.com thx guys :)

Close Order on 4 February and 9 February I'm done baking the chocolate so I will send it to you guys :) thank you

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