Wedding Party

yeah on Saturday I go to my BF Friend Wedding Party.. @ Golf Lake Building (PIK) yeah having so much fun and we ( My BF & Me ) we don't eat Rice but the other good food :p Like Kambing Guling :p and other...

I Love This Decoration really simple but It's look lovely aren't they ^^

This Is What I wear for the party :p

Dress by Glitter, Bag by Charles&Keith, Heels by Charles&Keith, Watch and Necklaces

This is My Boyfriend and Me ^^

And Yes This is me from behind ^^

Oh ya I love when the older sing "No one gonna change my love for you"


  1. You look so pretty in that LBD! And you two are such a sweet couple <3

  2. you two looks so perfect together. sweet couple :)

  3. I really enjoyed your blog very much. You looked really great at the party - hope you had a great time!

    Please check out my website at It’s in over 50 languages.

    Forward it to 2012 of your friends and all of your wishes will come true! Possibly...maybe...keep your fingers crossed :-)

  4. thanks for the lovely feedback, hope u update ur blog soon ;)


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