Welcome back Brother!! and Hello Mr.Churry

Yes Welcome Home Brother !! My Brother Just came back from Bangkok!! and He brought me some souvenir even thought Just a Hat and one bag lol
and Yeah Here some of the Cute" HAT!!

Well..., It's only 3 Hat's and 1 Bag which I'm not take the photo yet... but, It's cute right?? I was like hoping that he will bring me another cute stuff... But, poor me... He just brought me those stuff...

Yeah It's My sister Birthday Party!!
We Eat @ Mr.Churry @GI / PI I don't really remember thought
Here some of the picture!!

This is Me and My Little Sister hahaha XD

This is My Brother and his 2 other friend's ^^

Let's CEK OUT our Menu :p

YES YES YES!! ITADAKIMASU!! Let's EAT everyone ^^


  1. The food looks so good! Yum!

  2. yummy food and nice photos! you have a great blog!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x


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