say good bye

Let's say good bye to " Runaway Meisie " cause I won't runaway from each of my problems... I will face it!! yeah It's been a long time for me not blogging...
lot's of problems that I have to solve till I want to runaway like I use too... hahaha

family problems... = private sorry
love problems... = Brake up
Work problems... = I just quit

hahaha...!! stress up?? hell yeah... where goes my friends when I need them the most... they gone just like the winds... but I'm glad that my old friend still worrying about me. even thought both of them were boys =p hahaha... where goes the girl?? naah.. I don't really have a lot girl's =p

now.. I'm looking for a new Job... so pray for me okay ;)
love?? hmm... it's settled already... someone giving me an extra care ^^
family??? let's say.. I'm going off with it...
searching for a living place soon ^^
20 August 2011 I promise to my self that I'm going to baptist

so folks..., I think you have to link my new blog name... sorry to disturb you guys... it won't take 3 minutes I think ^^ Love you guys...

have a great great day and God Bless You all