surprising moment for this 1month

haven post for awhile ago..
lot's of surprising stuff going on for my life... do you remember my best buddy ??
yeah his name is Banny. what surprise did I got from this man???

he having a FREAKING BABY!!! IT's A baby!! and I'm the second person to know about this..!! damn..!! how did I know?? well when the baby going to came out He call me and ask for help --a
What The Hell right??!! I was like how can I do that?? how can I go there while I'm @ Church?! Dude your crazy!!

this is me and banny on phone texting
B = Mel came to "this hospital" I need your help!!
M = What?? and why the hell should I came??

B = Cause soon Fefe (his GF) and me have baby.
M = WHAT?! you crazy dude!! don't mess up with me dude!! you lie right??

B = Hell no!! please came cause I'm quite stress and I'm alone here
M = woo woo.. how the hell can I?? I'm @ church dude sorry..
the other one is my other friend name Marissa
it's like 1month ago we talking about life and love... and she said hell no for having a BF.. I'm on my own... but yeah you shock me girl!!
she bring a man while seeing banny sons..!! I don't expect that... but yeah that's for real..

another surprise of my day...
and back like 2weeks ago from now.., My boyfriend house on fire!! I was totally freaking out when know about that... I was hoping I can help him...
and yeah about 3 days after day I came to his place .. and it's look really terrible ='(


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