Wedding of my Bestfriend

hey guys..., I know its been to long for me not update anything here... lot's of stuff that i want to tell but I have a limit thought. Oh ya..., on 22 this December  I was at SBY ( Surabaya ) it was my home town and my bestfriend having his wedding party there =)
It was a little mess up when I'm going to the airport...
Heavily Rain..., Float every where..., traffic every where..., my dorm room key having a hard on to unlock...., aaaahhhh... I was so panic and lot's of stuff going on... Even the flight got delay....!!!
Do you know who drove me to the airport?? yeah it was my Bubie =) I was so happy that he could drove me there =)

This is where I sleep
Me and my dear friend Marissa have a safe flight and arrived around 00:30 maybe... I don't really know and get a taxi a go to our hotel for a sleep and yeah another stuff going on. our friend was saying a wrong thing to the employe aarrgggh... I was so damn tired that day. Than I tell my Bubie and Deden that I was already arrived safely. 3 am in the morning Me and Marissa got sleep and wake around 7 am ..!! Oh God..!! I was so sleepy right now...!!! But we have a god moment to saw our friends wedding =)

Bored... here go Shopping

yeaaahh... another shopping shopping and shopping... !! Oh my Gosh.... another $$ to lose... !!
mummy... I'm sorry I use the money for buy this stuff mummy =p Today I was so bored..!! even thought I wanna go to my mum house ... but then.. my motor cycle tell me to go to Taman Anggrek huahahha =D
I also meet my big brother ( from another mother and father haha ) meet him... dinner with him ... and we're having a chit chat... he said that I've been so different... totally different ... yeah I'm different.. haven't seen him like 2 or 3 years ago ... =p he said that I look more prettier... mature... and sexy... ( blush blush blush.. ) here some picture that I take =D

Retreat GBI ROCK 17 - 19

on 17 till 19 August, I was going retreat with Risa, Steven and Stephanie ( steven little sister ). Than we meet @ PIK Metro broadway waiting for the other church friends =) we're having 6 bus and we pick the 3 bus =) I and Phanie book the chair ... Risa and Steven put our bags =) Than our trip to puncak Hotel Yasmin is 2 hour's or more.. our bus also having a trouble.. so some of us have to dived to the other bus... some goes to bus 4 & 5 ...
Our bus and the Bus driver =D White Horse

Second day of shopping

yeah It was our second day for shopping ... Just me and my beloved sweet little sister Ericka...
I was like pick her up @ work around 1 pm and she's still working.. but she said like " oke pick me up around 1 pm.. " than she's done working around 2 pm omg.... I was like waiting her for 1 hours or more...  well I was like bored when waiting for her so I BBM ing my other working friend there and tell him to accompany me lol ( but he came thought and accompany me )  well we talk and talk than Rika came and He go back. Rika and I go back to my kost... when we reach, Rika go to my dorm room and take her jacket and we go to our new dorm room cause she's not seeing our new room... Than we go to Taman Anggrek after that... Our mission 1 Bible , 1 Clothes

Shopping with Rika

Today Rika and I shopping for a half day ... almost a half day lol
Our mission Rika : ( 1 shoes , 1 Jeans , 1 Clothes for lebaran ) Me : ( 1 shoes , 1 Jeans , 1 Short , 1 Shirt )

Jakarta sooo macet...!! really hate it!! But, lot of people today packing up and go back to their home town.
back to business.. today sale - sale - sale and sale... what a Happy Life ... ( Women love sale & discount )

there go first hunting : Shoes!! we have been trough 3 or 4 shoe store. but only one that reach our eyes.. labels aren't everything right ?? Love the color of the shoes.. and so both of us buy the same shoes same color and model lol

Wedding ku 10th Anniversary

yeah I've just got home from some Party!! awesome party!! But we forget to take a picture...
Maybe you could see it from the Wedding Ku website going there with Pak. Simon and kakak Roman.. the best 2 man that always support me. 
before going there, I was at my dorm with Kak Rino my best Luvie =) he pick the best dress for me and fix my hair and stuff =) his the best of all... after seeing the perfect me with dress.. he look shock.. LOL.. don't know why then he hug me really tight =) Oh My Gosh..., I Love Him =*
It was the WeddingKu Anniversary 10th !! Happy Birthday to WeddingKu =)
The party @ UOB Plaza Ballroom It was awesome!!

Happy Born Day

This post should be posted on 31 Mei 2012..., 
Seems like I have a lot of stuff to do..., I can't posted on exact time =(
Well..., Happy Born Day my Dear Big Brother.. =) 
you getting old my dear big brother * ROFL =D
we 're having 2 party hehehe... The First one with my own family
and The Second one with my brother friends and Co worker =P
we are having a lot of fun and I seeing a happy face =D

what happen...?? FreNemis??

I had no clue... what just happened with all of my working partner ??
we use to get along together. . but now... what the hell...
I miss our moment =)

all of this picture.. taken @ my working place =)

My New Blackberry

Yess... you read it!! I change my Blackberry...
this is my 2nd time for change my phone... and I'm such an *****
forget 2 back up my memory >___<
I change my Onxy to Torch now hehehe....

I was totally HAPPY!!

My Old Blackberry Phone Looking great right?!

My New Blackberry ^^

Nu Haiirr

yes !! a new haircut =) I've been stressful with my old hair...
This new hair make make me look more volume cause of the layer...
soo.. which hair do you like more?? my old hair?? or my new hair??




Yeeyy... my mum best friend letting me use the bee clothes... Feels like I've been eaten by a giant bee. Mum take a few picture of it.. cause I feel itchy after using it.. maybe I'm not use to =) my mum giggling seeing me using this sorts of clothes...

My mum can't handle me cause I run from her while taking picture LOL!!
Oh ya, here some video about me and pocky back then =D

This one mummy bought me a new toy =D

Our Narcissism attack!!

Yeah..!! it was our narcissism..!! we were kinda bored that day.. so here our narcissism photo... taken by 2 different days LOL!! I'm warning you for not looking at this.. =D Scroll down if you really want to see it... HERE WE GOO....!!

1st Picture Lovely =p

2nd Picture different day.. still cute and lovely
3rd picture.. arrogant.. sexy =p
4rd Our Cute and Ugly Face
5th I can't describe this LOL

hahaha... when I'm taken the 5th picture.. I barely Laugh so hard =D
thx for staying guys =D

Night Before V-Day

It was Our First Valentine Day =)
Both of us working and we meeting up @ PHD , Nie bought the pizza and were going back home to celebrate it Night Before V-Day =)
It was EPIC!! LOL!!
Just the two of us.. spending time together at my Kost ... then we Watch some movie =)

Pizza = Choco Bronize pizza
Chicken Wings = Cheese Flavour
Spaghetti = Lagsana (CMIIW) & forget the other one =p
Drinks = Strawberry Jus

Yuummm yuummm yuumm...!!

awkward moment

Look's like I'm having my normal life back... cause everything that I do is just to normal. Well.., even thought now I don't live with my parent's and I work @Bridal.. seems like nothing change so much... But, when I'm with Him everything seems like different. I think that I must brain wash my head that full of him... cause it seems that no one can replace him or maybe no

one treat me like he do. Don't bother about my new Boyfriend cause It's totally different from my EX and I know I have to accept him for who he is.. Of course I love him. But It's quite different from my EX ... we end up by fighting.. arguing but we can settle down on that day.

Me and My EX still contacting by BBM-ing not often just weekday. Feels like we really can be separate from each other... no one can accept GOD and his family =p remind me how I really wanted this love long last but end up like this make me SAD again. But I can't do this to myself.. to him.. and to his partner even my partner.. feels like I'm such a bad girl. Oh ya, I found this Picture It's quite funny for me cause It's seems like real for my own life.


Hey what’s up Guys?!! Been along time for me not blogging =p and I’m end up to fill my blog until loaded ROTFL… ( well not yet =p )

So then, now I wanted to upload all that I have to write right now.. For This First POST, I wanted to say

Happy New Year 2012!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Valentine day!!