awkward moment

Look's like I'm having my normal life back... cause everything that I do is just to normal. Well.., even thought now I don't live with my parent's and I work @Bridal.. seems like nothing change so much... But, when I'm with Him everything seems like different. I think that I must brain wash my head that full of him... cause it seems that no one can replace him or maybe no

one treat me like he do. Don't bother about my new Boyfriend cause It's totally different from my EX and I know I have to accept him for who he is.. Of course I love him. But It's quite different from my EX ... we end up by fighting.. arguing but we can settle down on that day.

Me and My EX still contacting by BBM-ing not often just weekday. Feels like we really can be separate from each other... no one can accept GOD and his family =p remind me how I really wanted this love long last but end up like this make me SAD again. But I can't do this to myself.. to him.. and to his partner even my partner.. feels like I'm such a bad girl. Oh ya, I found this Picture It's quite funny for me cause It's seems like real for my own life.

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