Bored... here go Shopping

yeaaahh... another shopping shopping and shopping... !! Oh my Gosh.... another $$ to lose... !!
mummy... I'm sorry I use the money for buy this stuff mummy =p Today I was so bored..!! even thought I wanna go to my mum house ... but then.. my motor cycle tell me to go to Taman Anggrek huahahha =D
I also meet my big brother ( from another mother and father haha ) meet him... dinner with him ... and we're having a chit chat... he said that I've been so different... totally different ... yeah I'm different.. haven't seen him like 2 or 3 years ago ... =p he said that I look more prettier... mature... and sexy... ( blush blush blush.. ) here some picture that I take =D

Retreat GBI ROCK 17 - 19

on 17 till 19 August, I was going retreat with Risa, Steven and Stephanie ( steven little sister ). Than we meet @ PIK Metro broadway waiting for the other church friends =) we're having 6 bus and we pick the 3 bus =) I and Phanie book the chair ... Risa and Steven put our bags =) Than our trip to puncak Hotel Yasmin is 2 hour's or more.. our bus also having a trouble.. so some of us have to dived to the other bus... some goes to bus 4 & 5 ...
Our bus and the Bus driver =D White Horse

Second day of shopping

yeah It was our second day for shopping ... Just me and my beloved sweet little sister Ericka...
I was like pick her up @ work around 1 pm and she's still working.. but she said like " oke pick me up around 1 pm.. " than she's done working around 2 pm omg.... I was like waiting her for 1 hours or more...  well I was like bored when waiting for her so I BBM ing my other working friend there and tell him to accompany me lol ( but he came thought and accompany me )  well we talk and talk than Rika came and He go back. Rika and I go back to my kost... when we reach, Rika go to my dorm room and take her jacket and we go to our new dorm room cause she's not seeing our new room... Than we go to Taman Anggrek after that... Our mission 1 Bible , 1 Clothes

Shopping with Rika

Today Rika and I shopping for a half day ... almost a half day lol
Our mission Rika : ( 1 shoes , 1 Jeans , 1 Clothes for lebaran ) Me : ( 1 shoes , 1 Jeans , 1 Short , 1 Shirt )

Jakarta sooo macet...!! really hate it!! But, lot of people today packing up and go back to their home town.
back to business.. today sale - sale - sale and sale... what a Happy Life ... ( Women love sale & discount )

there go first hunting : Shoes!! we have been trough 3 or 4 shoe store. but only one that reach our eyes.. labels aren't everything right ?? Love the color of the shoes.. and so both of us buy the same shoes same color and model lol