Bored... here go Shopping

yeaaahh... another shopping shopping and shopping... !! Oh my Gosh.... another $$ to lose... !!
mummy... I'm sorry I use the money for buy this stuff mummy =p Today I was so bored..!! even thought I wanna go to my mum house ... but then.. my motor cycle tell me to go to Taman Anggrek huahahha =D
I also meet my big brother ( from another mother and father haha ) meet him... dinner with him ... and we're having a chit chat... he said that I've been so different... totally different ... yeah I'm different.. haven't seen him like 2 or 3 years ago ... =p he said that I look more prettier... mature... and sexy... ( blush blush blush.. ) here some picture that I take =D

2 adorable Flat Shoes from TLTSN
Short from Glitters

makarizo shampoo + conditioner + styling gel

Cute Syal Skull motive =)
Wanna see me today..?? I was totally cute hahahaha

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