Retreat GBI ROCK 17 - 19

on 17 till 19 August, I was going retreat with Risa, Steven and Stephanie ( steven little sister ). Than we meet @ PIK Metro broadway waiting for the other church friends =) we're having 6 bus and we pick the 3 bus =) I and Phanie book the chair ... Risa and Steven put our bags =) Than our trip to puncak Hotel Yasmin is 2 hour's or more.. our bus also having a trouble.. so some of us have to dived to the other bus... some goes to bus 4 & 5 ...
Our bus and the Bus driver =D White Horse

White Horse should be a good Bus thought.. hmm but that's alright cause no one hurt or anything =) oh ya, some of our friends take mikrolet to go to our hotel loh... WOOW...!! that's quiet something hahaha...
1st day ..., we're having lunch and also check in =) my room mates is Dian , Ci Lien and Cute little pepe =) ( pepe is the youngest one at my room ) so sorry I don't take a photo of my room... but here my hotel dorm..
Hotel Dorm way 
we're having a lot of fun and a good session =) well.., even thought I have already heard all of that kind of session only 2 session that I've never heard =) but still it was nice.. =) well here some other picture of the hotel guys..
@ nite lobbying with Marissa =)
Out side... way to breakfast =)
Our Hotel View is really awesome (y)
Private buffet
My dearest friend Marissa , Steven and Stevanie
and this is my dearest A Team!!
This is our superb cute mascot lol ..!!

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