Second day of shopping

yeah It was our second day for shopping ... Just me and my beloved sweet little sister Ericka...
I was like pick her up @ work around 1 pm and she's still working.. but she said like " oke pick me up around 1 pm.. " than she's done working around 2 pm omg.... I was like waiting her for 1 hours or more...  well I was like bored when waiting for her so I BBM ing my other working friend there and tell him to accompany me lol ( but he came thought and accompany me )  well we talk and talk than Rika came and He go back. Rika and I go back to my kost... when we reach, Rika go to my dorm room and take her jacket and we go to our new dorm room cause she's not seeing our new room... Than we go to Taman Anggrek after that... Our mission 1 Bible , 1 Clothes

1st place when we reach, we're going to Gramedia.. but our eyes go to TLTSN
( The Little Thing She Need  ) hahaha ... there is this cute flat shoes.. me and Rika go there .. choose choose... and we love those shoes.. but then, I have to tell my Bubie so he can choose it for me... than we go to this book store ( Gramedia ) search for the bible.. choose and see.. so so long... than we choose this simple bible =) but.., when I'm going to pay ... something missing @ my bag --" OH MY GOSH...!! It was my wallet !! I was like panic but calm.. don't know how to describe.. than I use Rika money to pay up.. than we go to my brother shop.. but then his not there... another panic --" than I was like thirsty and Rika too.... we go to hop hop too buy some drink... after that we think and think... than we go back to my dorm room by a taxi.. I thought I was already put it on my bag.. when I run to my dorm room.. my wallet @ my bed under my pillow ... than we go back by the same taxi.. Rika waiting inside the taxi while I was searching.
Hop Hop : Taro Gum ;p

my new Bible =)
than we go back to matahari.. Rika and I search for the best clothes for her.. than we have this 3 clothes that really simple and look nice =) than we got 1 clothes that more look adorable for Rika =) same color for the shoes and look really2 nice =) than I go to this young heart ^^ they got discount and cute BRA lol I was buy 2 pcs of bra.. my gosh it was so cute.. !! =p ( No Bra pict ya lol )
Rika and I choose this 

Rika put it on =) look adorable right??
Oh ya, we also buy the same flat shoes again @ TLTSN =) only this time different color... Bubie love the red flat shoes.. and rika pick the deep blue color =)

My red flat shoes 

It should be dark blue thought --"

The Little things She Needs
well..., that's all for today folks. I should have post this on 16 August 2012 =p

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