Shopping with Rika

Today Rika and I shopping for a half day ... almost a half day lol
Our mission Rika : ( 1 shoes , 1 Jeans , 1 Clothes for lebaran ) Me : ( 1 shoes , 1 Jeans , 1 Short , 1 Shirt )

Jakarta sooo macet...!! really hate it!! But, lot of people today packing up and go back to their home town.
back to business.. today sale - sale - sale and sale... what a Happy Life ... ( Women love sale & discount )

there go first hunting : Shoes!! we have been trough 3 or 4 shoe store. but only one that reach our eyes.. labels aren't everything right ?? Love the color of the shoes.. and so both of us buy the same shoes same color and model lol

there goes second hunting : short !! Matahari have been sale for like a week or more.. I've been there  like for 2 times and today is the 3rd times.. I've been falling in love with this 1 cute short!! blue in color and polkadots =) It was so cute... and I found it again.. I think it was my fate for having this cute short!! and I also bought another short pink in color =P
Blue polkadot short
Pink Dance Short 
third hunting : Clothes / Shirt !! we have been go there and there looking for this clothes.. none of them Rika or I like it.. we have been wondering like 2 hours maybe ( Oh my gosh clothes was the worse of all ) still none... than we gave up at it..

Fourd hunting : Jeans !! we go to this 61 store ... thought of I was Giordano...., I was like seeing this cute Jeans motive... the motive was Cross =) blue in color.. errm deep blue =) than Rika like this 1 jeans black totally black and simple motive =) there also 1 short that I like there.. but sadly none of it fit me =(
Cross Deep Blue Jeans
after a long hunting.., our stomach need some food ... hahaha.. we've eat at Yoshinoya..
2 yakiniku 1 clear soup 1 miso soup 2 ice green tea ...

after eat.., Happy stomach.. Happy face... but tomorrow another hunting again... cause we need that clothes dear ... tomorrow Taman Anggrek we're coming!!

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