Wedding of my Bestfriend

hey guys..., I know its been to long for me not update anything here... lot's of stuff that i want to tell but I have a limit thought. Oh ya..., on 22 this December  I was at SBY ( Surabaya ) it was my home town and my bestfriend having his wedding party there =)
It was a little mess up when I'm going to the airport...
Heavily Rain..., Float every where..., traffic every where..., my dorm room key having a hard on to unlock...., aaaahhhh... I was so panic and lot's of stuff going on... Even the flight got delay....!!!
Do you know who drove me to the airport?? yeah it was my Bubie =) I was so happy that he could drove me there =)

This is where I sleep
Me and my dear friend Marissa have a safe flight and arrived around 00:30 maybe... I don't really know and get a taxi a go to our hotel for a sleep and yeah another stuff going on. our friend was saying a wrong thing to the employe aarrgggh... I was so damn tired that day. Than I tell my Bubie and Deden that I was already arrived safely. 3 am in the morning Me and Marissa got sleep and wake around 7 am ..!! Oh God..!! I was so sleepy right now...!!! But we have a god moment to saw our friends wedding =)

The Ceremony =)
aren't they a lovely husband and wife??
The Champion of love
Wedding Kiss

Then after the Wedding, 3 of us going to a mall and having a walk =) Sutos was a good place =) we also eat @ Si House =D

and after that good bye surabaya =) I'm going back to Jakarta
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