Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme Love that Red no.725 & Pearl  Think Pink no.480
Yes..!! at least another beauty stuff that I would review for you girls. Let me Introduce you girls to Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. The first time I bought this Lipstick because I need a red and soft pink lipstick, this two lipstick have a nice color and really suit me well
sorry I was forget that I use flash here

MAC Blush On Pink Swoon & Fleur Power

Hey dear... another review is up!! 
Today Review is about MAC Blush On that I've been loving it..!! Yeah I've been in love with MAC Blush on like a few month ago ^^ so here it is ...!!
MAC Blush On

Senegence Lipsense

Okey.. this is my first time to Review my favorite beauty products that I've always use for my favorite occasion also for my customer. FYI this is not an ordinary Lipstik, Lipsense is a Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Lip Color and it's true!!

Hello September..!! Re-Late retret post

Let's say hai to September  ( am I to late for saying hello =p )
time goes so fast right ... and seriously I hope this month I could go through everything. I'm still young but I'm to mature for everything ( that's what my friends always say ) It's been 6 month already and 3 month to go for my big day =) also 6 days to go for my beloved person birthday =)

I hope this month I could post a lot of review and other stuff =) I will let you know soon or later ;) and I hope I have a good inspiration for this month =)