Hello September..!! Re-Late retret post

Let's say hai to September  ( am I to late for saying hello =p )
time goes so fast right ... and seriously I hope this month I could go through everything. I'm still young but I'm to mature for everything ( that's what my friends always say ) It's been 6 month already and 3 month to go for my big day =) also 6 days to go for my beloved person birthday =)

I hope this month I could post a lot of review and other stuff =) I will let you know soon or later ;) and I hope I have a good inspiration for this month =) 

Oh ya, last month I go camp with my church  to Bogor High Land Resort Park and it was FUN!! but to bad I can't play through the game but I can dance , sing and hear session =) lot's of tears and smile going on =) here some picture to see.


  1. Love your pictures, looks so interesting! *u* And happy september to you too! <3

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