Beauty Tutorial ; Sweet Glam look

yes at least..., I tried to post a beauty tutorial look for you guys and I call this tutorial " Sweet Glam look "  cause even thought you have a Glam eyeshadow on, you still look really sweet... So here goes the tutorial makeup look for you guys...

really sorry cause I don't took one by one when tutor this look T__T but I will took a picture next time I do a tutorial..., I promise you all... hope you don't mind for this time. and sorry for the bad resolution =( cause i only use my S4 to take this ... and I feel bad cause it turn on not good...

 1st of all I use NYX eye primer and I also use this MAC Pallet

- I use no. 1 all over my eyelid
- for no. 2 I use it for the outer to half inner of my eyelid
- for no. 3 I use it for the outer side and bottom outer side
- for no. 4 I use it for the inner up of my eyelid ( it give you a cute color )
- for no. 5 I use it for highlight my eyebrow corner
What other product that I use for the make up??

1st I put my NYX eye primer, then MAC eyeshadow pallet and Cosmo eyeliner ( review soon ) in black
2nd MAC liquid foundation NC 25 ( review soon ) all over my face with beauty blender
3rd I use Revlon PhotoReady compact powder 
4rd Ceek blush from Maybelline in pink
5th for my lips I use Benefit posie tint ( just tap on the with your finger when you use it )

This is how your eyes look like. But sorry cause this bad resolution 
here goes some of my narcissism picture 

Thank you dear for reading my beauty tutorial..., promise you I will post another beauty tutorial soon after my due date I think. soo I will post some of motherhood life style and review for sometimes from now on =) 
Hope you like my Beauty post.., leave some comment bellow and I will replay ASAP 


  1. cakeeepp euyyy :*
    aku suka eye makeup nya! :D


  2. Cakeppp dear.
    Bikin tutorialnya dong ^_^ Alisnya rapi lagiiiii :3

    1. makasih cantik =*
      hihihi.. lama2 kamu juga biasa kok untuk bikin alis yang rapi

  3. Cantiknyaaa :D

    i'm following you, mind to follow me back? :)
    Thankies ♥

    1. hihihi makasih cantik =*

      hai sayang =) aku dah follow kamu ya


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