The Liebster Award

Hey dear at least I'm posting again this December..., also this December is the due date for my baby ^^

thanks to Angel for nominated meee ~
she have a cute and lovely blog

What is Liebster award ??
well Liebster Award is give to the blog that have less than 200+ followers
( So I'm really glad that Angel nominated me ^^ for this award... thank you so much dear )

So when I knew that I've been nominated by Angel, I feel so honored...
she is a sweet and cute girl ^^ she is a beauty blogger and good on reviewing.
This is why it was a good thing that we know each other ^^
SoooOoo, If you nominated by me, I would be happy if you give me a follow via GFC and Blogloving.
then, you make a post similar to mine answering my question and nominating 10 other blogger
don't forget to link back to my blog so I could read yours ^^

so, before I show who will I nominate, I have to answer some question from Angel 

1.Who is your favorite make up artist? (if you have one)
well my favorite make up artist is Andreas Zhu , Linda Damayanti , Kay MUA , Rama Jee and Donny Liem ( you can find them on Facebook / Instagram ) all of them was a good make up artist from Indonesia... 

2. What is your Top 3 make up products?
my Top 3 huh...?? this is hard though... I may choose Smashbox , MAC and UD 

3. What is your favorite skincare products?
hmm I might say SK II / Estee Lauder ( and my $$ will fly away from my wallet T__T )

4. Would you like to describe your make up look and fashion style?
well..., I love natural make up , some kind of sweet glam look. about fashion..., well whatever my style is whatever my mood want to... :D so I can't describe it hahahaha XD

5. Who is your favorite blogger that inspired you..? (can be fashion blogger or beauty blogger)
I love Anastasia from Brown platform!! Michael from glister and blisters!! ( fashion blogger )

6. If you have a chance to do a make up for an actor/singer, who is him?
hmm... I never though about this..., well maybe it just maybe.. I would like to make up #sign ( no one pop up in my mind ) sorry 

7. What camera that you usually use?
I'm using a pocket camera canon and samsung S4

8. Is make up important to you? Why?
ouw yes..!! totally important!! because I could express my mood trough it!! ( don't ya all agree ..?? ) every make up have their own feeling.. every color that I use is a different meaning too...

9. What is your dream? What is your effort to reach it?
my dream is to make every bride to look more beautiful and stunning on her Big day!! my effort is keep continuing my hand skill for make up.

10. What brand of your make up tools that you usually wear?
Sigma make up brush / masami make up brush ( for brush )
MAC / MUFE / Estee Lauder / Bobbi Brown / UD ( for make up and many more )

My Nomination
7. Amber from
and here my question for you

1. who is your fav beauty guru / fashion icon??
2. what animal do you love the most?? why??
3. what kind of brand do you like the most for beauty make up and fashion ??
4. why did you started to make a blog ??
5. If someone gift you a free ticket to go anywhere you want, where will you go?? why??
6. if you have to choose between make up and fashion, which one will you choose?? why??
7. did you ever dye your hair?? what color??
8. what do you like about yourself?? I mean something about your whole body.
9. what is your fav song for the moment ??
10. If you can be anyone, who will you be??

Okay, that's it I guess.
don't forget the rules and tag your other fellow blogger
please link back your answer to me =) I would really like to read it
and if you want a follow back, just tell me =)


  1. i've read it kekeke >.<
    due datenya desember ini ya~Good luck ya ce!! hehe

    1. makasih ya dde sayang... =*
      iya nih due datena december ini

  2. Awwww thank you for nominating me, dear! :D Will post ASAP hihihi

    1. Pardon me for not coming back to you with my post -_-"

      Here's mine, posted days ago LOL:

  3. Thank you for nominating me ^^

  4. Congrats cc MUA ^^
    btw aku yg d instanya cc :P
    mind to follback? :D

  5. hey! thank you so much for visiting my blog <3
    iv followed you back! great blog btw :)



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