Gratefull month end of December 2014

♡ aku merasa bless banget karna aku bisa makeup in teman SMP ku untuk acara video shoot yang mau di tanyangin di acara pernikahannya.
♡ Happy Wedding day to my dearest Junior High School Friend's and I meet my old hang out friends.
♡ Happy Birthday buat anak kesayangan mama yang paling cantik ^^ happy 1 year old ya sayang ^^ kamu hebat nak... petumbuhan kamu baik semoga kamu bisa menjadi gadis yang baik ya =* dan ingat untuk sayang Tuhan dan mama ^^
♡ Merry Christmas 2014 everyone ^^~ yes Jesus Born to save all of us and may this Christmas be so special to you all
♡ Aileen opening Christmas present and birthday present ^^~
♡ Office Christmas lunch ^^ Dominoz and KFC all day long XD
♡Aileen 1st time going to church and having a lot of fun... love all her Aunty specialy ( Marissa and Stephani ) and Uncle ( Richard and Ko Teddy ) hahaha 

MORES Firming Pack

Hei loveleigh..!! yes it was another review time about the Thailand skincare again...!! ^^~ sooo... yeah let's review this MORES Skin Firming Pack... by the way.., you might notice that before I have already review the other Mores White Booster right..?? so yeah this is the Skin Firming Pack.

Happy Birthday Aileen & Storry about my pregnancy

Yeii.... akhirnya sudah ada yang berumur 1 Tahun..!! Happy birthday my little princess Aileen Yoana Latisha..!!! mama love Aileen to the moon and back..!! I can't believe that she's already 1 year old now ^^ 

Selamat ulang tahun anak mama tercinta ^^ maaf ya karna mama blum bisa buat pesta ulang tahun buat Ai2. semoga Aileen bisa jadi anak yang baik, cerdas, cantik dan sayang Tuhan Yesus. 
Banyak yang sayang sama Aileen dan ingin ketemu Aileen mama janji secepatnya bisa bawa Aileen jalan2 keluar dan ketemu teman2 mama ya.

MORES White Booster

New Products from Thailand brand. I would say that Thailand brand skin care and cosmetics would be my 3rd favorite asian country in mind. lot's and lot's booming stuff from Thailand this day.. and I'm so excited..!! 

Natural Soft Makeup for Cynthia & Tony Video Shooting

Sorry ya today post Bahasa Indonesia hehehe... Jadi ceritanya beberapa hari yang lalu aku di Line sama temen semasa SMP ku. nah chat ku dan sahabat ku semasa SMP ini mengenai Dealing Makeup untuk Video Shooting dia sebelum Wedding daynya. Sooo..!!! dengan senang hati gw Ok dan memberikan harga persahabatan buat sahabat ku ini.

Keesokan harinya pass hari sabtu yang di nanti2kan itu.. karna aku lumayan lupa wajah dia itu putih atau kecoklat2an hahaha.. akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk bawa 2 foundation + 2 high foundation.
karna makeupnya natural dan ga berbelit2 hanya untuk video shooting aku sesuaikan semuanya agar bisa masuk dalam 2 warna baju. 

jadi inilah make up ku untuk si super cantik sahabat ku Cynthia & Tony ^^

NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie

Hai Hai Loveleigh..!! here's a review of NYX Chunky Dunk!! Well..., I found out that this is such a nice hydrating Lippie..!! I found that interesting on NYX Lipstick, Lippie, Lipgloss and everything except their eye shadow -.-" which doesn't really pop out for the color.


1st post on December...!! OMG it's already December loveleigh..!! Well.., today I'm posting about another skincare products...!! Today products from Thailand name Kiss Axilla Care Cream.

Gratefull month End of November

♡ Yeii my little princess now is super duper active than ever..!! she grow 2 more teeth so now she have 6 teeth already.
♡ Look at her expression..!! She is super duper cute..!!!
♡ She always cried whenever I want to go to work in the morning but she always give me a goodbye kiss before I go to work. She always know when I got home.
♡ She always wake up in the morning and see me taking a shower. (I never close my bathroom door) hahahaha pardon me.
♡ I stole her first kiss after that she barely bite my lips hahaha
♡ Grand Opening of my new Office place
♡ Having fun at my office with this banci satu hahahaha.... he is so funny and we are so crazy.
♡ I love this 2 Lip Treatment that I just bought in the same month..!! and I totally going to repurchase this 2 item..!! I love my lips now a days cause of this lips treatment.

GINO McCRAY Cream Hi-Light

Hello Loveleigh...!! today post is about Hi-Light from GINO McCRAY..!! Oh yeah you might know that I'm addicted too GINO McCRAY products..!! I really love this products so so much!! you might also know that I have there Contour before so today post is about their Hi-Light. So Let's read base on my review !!

Baby pink Lips treatment

I'm back with a new review loveleigh....!! And this time.., it's a lip treatment again.

Sooo...., as you may know I'm in love with this lip treatment from baby pink lips treatment. And as you can see..., i really have a dark lips and you can see a little bit pinkish lips inside.

I'm addicted too coffee and yes I'm still smoking. I drink coffee every morning, when I feel sleepy at work. Yes... I smoke every morning, after I eat and every time i felt my head is going to explode... Soo yeah let me introduce you to this cute lip treatment.

ELF Lip exfoliator

Heii loveleigh.... today post is about lip exfoliator from ELF. Have you know about this...? ? have you try this...? ? If not, let's go and cek it out.

Gratefull month end of October 2014

October has end.... and welcome to november 

♡ my 1st doing makeup challeng from IBB and I was hoping it turn out good. Aileen always kiss me every time she look at my lips.
♡ Aileen can stand straight without any help from others.
♡ 10 months and she alrd have 5 teeth now
♡ enjoying my event at pim 2. It was stronger together theme... and am happy cause I win as the favourite makeup.
♡ Aileen was sick but I was glad that it was end of weekday cause it don't bother my work day and the next day she getting well.

Clinique chubby stick

Hai loveleigh... I know it's been a while haven't post anything hehe... well, I'm back now with another review of clinique chubby stick

This is my 1st time using one of Clinique makeup product's. I thought that they only sell skincare product but, they do have makeup product too. I'm not a fan of clinique so trying a new things really fun for me.

{IBB MUC x Sarange} Show your Korean signature makeup style

Hello Loveleigh...

So this would be my very first IBB MakeUp Challenge feat Sarange. So the theme for this month MUC is I-pop Makeup Challenge IBB member could join this MUC and do there best for the MUC like a Korean girl but with there own style. Soo..., I think this would be fun for me.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow & My Brow Tutorial

hai hai Loveleigh..!! at least another review post and My Brow Tutorial. It suppose to be a different post but than I decide to combine it cause I use MUFE product when I do the Brow tutorial. 

Tips for School Girl MakeUp & Skincare Drugstore

Holla Loveleigh Girls ....!! I think many High School or Junior High School girls love to wear make up. I know that you want to look fresh, and pretty, right...?! and that's what make up do. so I will give you some Tips today... why..?? because I know that school doesn't allow you to wear make up and to bad that I'm one of them who still in boyish side when I'm at school hahahaha XD Today tips is for High School Makeup Girl =) are you ready..?? I'm surely ready loveleigh. ( get your pen and paper to write this hehehe ) also deciding to write this post in 2 language.

Holla Loveleigh Girls...!! Saya pikir banyak sekali gadis SMA maupun SMP yang suka memakai make up. Saya tau anda ingin terlihat segar, dan cantik bukan..?? dan itulah gunanya makeup. Jadi saya akan memberikan beberapa tips hari ini... kenapa?? Karena saya tahu bahwa sekolah tidak memungkinkan kamu untuk memakai makeup dan saya sekali aku salah satu dari mereka yang masih terlihat sisi tomboynya ketika sekolah dulu hahaha XD Tips untuk makeup school SMA maupun SMP =) apakah kalian siap..?? ( ayo ambil pen dan kertas untuk di catat hehehe ) aku juga memutuskan untuk menulis postingan ini dalam 2 bahasa.

Maybelline Lip Polish

Haii Loveleigh...!! today  I will do some review again hehehe..!! today review is lip polish... a super cute lip polish... I just bought last month.
Maybelline New York Lip Polish

Left : Glam 2 - Right : Glam 3

Motherhood postpartum

Hai loveleigh mum... I know that this is a late postpartum post. Postpartum is a healing side for us after 1 month giving birth / labor. I'm one lucky mu, because I could give birth in a normal way.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Hellooo Loveleigh..!! yes another review from me hehehe...!! I have this awsome blush..!! this is one of my fav from 1 month ago...!! enjoy loveleigh..!!

Event Report : we're stronger together

Hai Loveleigh..., a few days ago I come to The Tempo Group event. theme of "We're Stronger Together " it's a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign =) This event from Estee Lauder , CliniQue , DKNY and Sogo =) held from 1 - 2 October 2014 =) and I came at 2 October which is Thursday and to bad.. many bloggers came at 1 October .. =( 

Liebser award 2nd award

another happiness for me Loveleigh..., I just receive another liebster awards =) and I was nominated by Xiiufang for Liebster Award. so this is my second time writing this so let's move forward to the question

1. Kapan pertama kali kenal makeup ?
kayaknya aku kenal makeup semacam cuma lipstick, kuteks, eyeshadow and blush semenjak SD hehehe

2. Style Makeup gimana yang kalian suka ?
I love simple chic and fresh look =) soalnya mencirikan diri aku banget. tapi aku juga suka yg look bold enough.

3. Apa warna lipstick favourite ?
aku suka banget warna pink nude dan red.

4. Apa Brand make up kesukaan ?
brand make up kesukaan aku itu MAC , MUFE , Naked , NARS , Estee Lauder , YSL , Channel etc

5. lebih suka pantai atau gunung ?
I choose beach of course..!! best thing best place

6. lebih senang jalan-jalan di mall atau di rumah ?
hmm.. stayed at home... play with my Baby Ai

7. Siapa Idola kalian ?
Idola... sekarang2 sih aku lagi suka Ariana Grande tapi tetep aku sayang Angelina Jolie dan Hyuna A

8. Siapa blogger yang kalian suka ?
I love Anastasia from Brown Platform!! she is amazing and adorable..!!

9. Kalian lebih sering share apa di blog ?
Review , Tips n Tricks , and Daily chatter of motherhood.

10. Makeup apa yang selalu ada di tas ?
waduh ini komplit banget bo... pokokna ga ada yang ketinggalan selain eyeshadow =D

11. Apa Wishlist kalian ?
wishlist aku sekarang sih nabung buat beli SLR dan uang sekolah anak ku nanti =D

oke girls..., that's it for today =) hope you know me even more =)

Good Luck and God Bless you all

Gratefull month end of September

Being gratefull all the time..., but there still one thing that I feel like I lost someone... someone that I've always talk to in the middle of the night... also, I've miss His present.  

♡ Aileen with her super sweet angelic smile.., always melt me every time I have problem. she could walk around the whole house with baby walker. she growed 2 teeth this month. she could say papa, less mama , and understand what I said to her. She super genius♡

♡ hyuna-a is back....!! My idol..!! I love her with her new black hair look. She is just to adorable and look so stunning.

♡ having a new note book make me blog even more... and I will keep this routine.

♡ more of black roots... means my hair getting longer and longer... and tried to dye my hait again soon.

♡ that last picture, my friend son playing with Aileen.... he is very nice to her. 

Good luck and God bless you all

Motherhood ; who said being a new mom was hard?!

haii...!! back again with my motherhood talk as you can see... it's been a while I know right...?? if you haven't know me yet, I'm a single fighter mum =) and I'm still happy with that. although first time being a mom was hard..., maybe this happen to all new mummy all around the world which is specially to single mum like me. yes as a mum we need support from our closer people like husband, family and friends. specially need support from husband so they could also relax us for breastfeeding. soo... I've been having a lot of struggle for 3 months I suppose... It just been too hard for me. waking up every 2 or 3 hours for milk. Buuuttt...!! there also happiness in it.., everything has their own moment right...?? well It's true. 

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer

Well Hello again LoveLeigh..!! concealer.. concealer... concealer... don't lie to me..!! you need concealer too right?!  so here come my favorite concealer for this 3 months..!!

Rini Birthday Giveaway feat Etude Recipe

my oh my..!! another birthday giveaway..!! I can't stand to join..!! even though I never win -.-' 
First thing First..!! let me say Happy early birthday to Rini Cesilia and Etude Recipe owner..!! may God Bless you guys and always stay young.

Simply Beauty FOTD - Join Shanty Huang giveaway

   Hai hai hai...!! Let's say Happy birthday to Shanty Huang Blog =)  there will be 4 winner and of course 4 price's =) happy happy happy..!! 3 people will be winning the make up challenge and 1 is draw gift. so yes I join the make up challenge " SIMPLY BEAUTY " you should make 2 looks I think.. Hope I could win the 1st prince though =D..!! Finger Cross loveleigh

2 Different Simple Look

Maybelline Dream Matte mousse Foundation

Hello again my Loveleigh..!! yes yes yes.. another beauty review post...!! who doesn't love to applied Foundation?? I just found a flawless Foundation and it was a unique one..!!

My Skincare Routine

Hello LoveLeigh...!! So this page is about my Daily Skincare Routine. Lot's of you ask me via email / WA about my skincare routine. I don't use a lot's of products... cause almost everything works on my skin.

Soo.., as you my know... from time to time.. my face was sooo oily and quite dry I think. but when I'm still High school girl, my face type is dry.

This is my High School Skincare Routine List :

Morning and Night Routine :
  1.  Acnes Creamy Wash
  2.  Clean & Clear Toner 
  3.  Sebamed Moisturizing Cream
 Then when I'm about 21 y'old I change my skincare Routine do to my Oily skin and Quite Dry

  1.  Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ( Morning & Night )
  2.  Loreal Make-up Cleanser / Toner ( Night )
  3.  SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser ( Night )
  4.  Kiss Aqua Mud Foam ( Morning & Night )
  5.  SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion ( Morning )
  6.  SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ( Morning & Night )
  7.  Estee Lauder Hydra Complete ( Morning )
  8.  SK-II WSBD ( Morning & Night )
  9.  Kiss Whitening Collagen ( Night ) 2 - 3 Times daily
  10.  Acnes Sealing Jell ( only use when I have pimples )
 My Facial Treatment is DIY that every 1 or 2 times a week
  1.  Oatmeals with white egg yolk 
  2.  Skinfood peppermint peel off mask
well.., that's my skin routine... a lot huh..?? yeah I know.. but I love to treat my face everyday... It just make my face more smooth =) and It's really important to treat our face..., So we don't really stressfull. So if loveleigh still want to know about my beauty routine or anything.., feel free to email me

Good Luck and God Bless you all =)
PS : I will update everytime I change my skincare routine... so this post available on page

Beauty Blogger Tag

Soo... a few weeks ago I got Tagged by Rin to do the Beauty Blogger Tag and here it is

Rules :
State that the Tag was created by the Beauty Blogger
Tag as many beauty bloggers as you would like
Title this post the 'Beauty Blogger Tag'

Lyne feat @PrettyRecipe Giveaway

LoveLeigh..!! don't get bored about Giveaway post ya hehehe =D
Soo... Lyne lagi ngadain giveaway dengan @PrettyRecipe nih..!! hayo hayo merapat yang mau coba product-product dari @PrettyRecipe . Jadi olshop ini mempunyai product yang serba herbal =) dan hadiah product yang akan di kasih adalah yang best seller..!! siapa coba yang ga mau..?!

Jessica Alicia's Back To School Giveaway

LoveLeigh...!! another Giveaway post!!
some of you might already know Jessica Alicia's blog right?! so today I will be posting her back to school giveaway post =) hope I'm the lucky winner hehehe

SK-II White series Travel Size

holaaa LoveLeigh....!! yess another skincare that I will review...!! request by my little sister Geo. curious..?? curious..?? here it is..!! 

My new hair cut

hello Loveleigh...!!
doesn't matter if you wanna know my new hair cut or not... :p but I will post it hahaha
it's been 6 months and no hair cut... my old hair style was oval shape with no layers

Greatfull month of August 2014

august beauty & skincare Haul...!!

hello loveleigh..!! I know that this is my 1st post of my beauty haul...!! I will do this sort of post rarely, hope you want to know my haul and I will be reviewing this really soon.

Giveaway ; 1st giveaway from Jessica Ie

good news loveleigh....!! Jessica Ie from iamfoodeater, hold her own 1st mini giveaway..!!
she is one of my cute little sister blogger :p she is sassy... sexy... lovable... and friendly. oh yeah.., she will anounce 2 winner for this giveaway. so no more talk and let's see what the price is.

Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen

hello again LoveLeigh blogger friends all around the world...!! yess another skincare review for ya..

Gino McCray Shading Powder

Hellooo again Loveleigh blogger friends all around the world :* yes another review for ya....

Gino McCray absolute concealer

Well hello again my LoveLeigh Blogger friends :* yes it was another review for you loveleigh

My Baby grow up really fast

Hai Loveleigh mother all around the world...!! How are you..??!! Everything oke right??!! How about your baby or kids?? I hope everything is fine.
So yeah it's been a long time for me not talking about motherhood so here I am gonna talk to ya about motherhood again. 

Gino McCray eyebrow pencil

Yes it's another review LoveLeigh...!! Hehehe hoping that you will always like my post and I hope it really usefull for ya :) happy reading smooochhh

Gratefull month end of July 2014

Kiss mineral aqua mud foam

Hai LoveLeigh..!! Gonna review my new cleaser from KISS. Since Thailand skincare so booming now a days, it was really easy to bought from olshop. ( but still choose wisely )

Cosmo eyebrow pencil 201 & 203

Hai Loveleigh...!!
Yesss...!! Another review time..!! This time about eyebrow pencil from Cosmo. One of my favourite makeup brand.

My fav book this year....!!!

Hai Loveleigh...,
This year I'm such an organizer women / mom. Theres a lot of book that I bought from instagram. This olshop have lots of unique book. 

Mizzu product eyeliner and mascara

Loveleigh I just bought mizzu product from Instagram... Lots of people using this product and I'm curious with it... So I bought all of it. 

What's inside my bag..?!

Hai hai Loveleigh... #muaach

Gratefull month; end of June 2014

Hei ho LoveLeigh..!! This is end of June ❤️ I'm so bless and always grateful for everything in my life... To much to tell you guys for what happen in my life lately.. So hopefully you will never regret read about my gratefull post.

Softlens Ageha Natural Brown and Icy Grey

Heloooo Loveleigh...!!! Another review time...!! This time was about softlens..!! Been so long I wanted to try this softlens.

So many beauty blogger use ageha softlens from japan softlens. I'm so curious about it from the first time and yeah i bought it Yeiii...!! So here it is ❤️❤️

Pasjel yellow & purple

Hei Loveleigh,

Another skin care that I will review again today. You may been heard this Pasjel product right??!! Lot's of Phillipin people use this skin care... And look how amaze it is... ❤️❤️