Aileen Yoana Latisha / Happy New Year

I'm back fellas...!! been 1 month or more than 1 month not updating xixixi... by the way, Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR..!! I know it was to late >,<

Last Christmas on 2013 and New Year 2014 I was totally happy because my Baby is born and she is really cute every one love her a lot...!! some of you might already see here on my IG or maybe visiting me at home =) thank you so much fellas. Not much chit chat,  today post will be floaded with picture..!! yeiii LOL

Aileen Yoana Latisha Widjaja 
1st day Aileen 
Also Thx to KGC PIK Youth for visiting me and Baby Aileen..!! 25 December 2013 Aileen been hug by Marissa ( my beloved best friend ) , Amel , Halim and Ci Vera.

Here Goes Aileen with lot's and lot's of action LOL


Baby Aileen With Mama

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