Gratefull month ; Last day on April

Yes... This is the last day of April... Well it's gonna be a long post I think.This month is been a hard month for me, lot's of unexpected thing happen in my life. So where should I begin?? Hope this post doesn't get you bored.

Ouw yeah...!! See that?! See my new design template?? Ouw yeah..!!! Isn't it simple and daring??? Well... Polka dot an kisses from me hehehe. maybe next time I like having a flowery theme like cath kidston =) 
My new template design was created by sophies garden design. Well first we have a Q&A first than we can chat with the owner.. And the owner of sophies design is so nice and really kind. helping me out with this design. So dear.. If you wanted to change your blog as who you are, you might like to visit her instagram and follow her... =)

Well,The best moment of my life this month is that Aileen trying to turn around, grab her own feet and she really like to talk. Sometimes.., I'm hearing she say " mama mama " or maybe she's just blabering... Well as a mother, yes I'm expecting that she say " mama " hahaha. Aileen is so clever and understand wheter I was so tired or not... She really is special for me.

Also, I've been reall bless knowing someone love Aileen to ❤️ Thank you for the present and love that you give to Aileen dear Peggy =) 
Let me introduce you to my new friend peggy. She is the owner of The Beauty Crown. Well I bought her magic wand ( lgonna right this review soon ) and someday she visit my blog and read about Aileen... I'm truly gratefull for what happend =) cause I know so manny people love Aileen. 

I meet with a new man.., yes not a boy but a Man. We are now in a relationship he is a good man. From what I can tell.., he just know Aileen and he already love her as his daughter. He also buy some stuff for Aileen... I hope he really is the one that God bring to me and I hope nothing is going our way. Well, I'm praying that his parent will love Aileen and me. Cause I don't want anything in my life if Aileen not accepted ... But he promise me that we never ever going to be apart. He would like to propose me next year... ❤️ Yes tommorow I'm going to have a date with him =) 

Last, I'm attending to Cosmekita event. I meet a lot of my blogger friend. Lot's of fun going on here and there... Talking about hair.. Makeup.. And lot's of stuff. Gonna upload this late event soon on blog kay. So stay tuned. 

Yeah maybe I will do this gratefull kind of post every month. Cause I know how bless and gratefully I am. Also I lovey friend so much.. Old and new where all the same.., cause having you guys as my friend is really a bless ❤️

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