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yeah I'm a single mum with a cute baby girl... tell you the truth being a single mum really exhausted. But believe me.., every time you see your baby girl or boy.. it just gone like the wind. I might not be so strong for being a single mum right know.. I work and I clean all my duty laundry all by myself.. baby sister?? well I will explain it later on... tell you some story about my friend being a new parent =)

one day I meet them and we talk about baby..., well they really help each other to take care of the baby.. her husband told me that being a parent wasn't so easy.. work all day from morning to evening then going home seeing his baby and help her wife to take care of the baby together... night time till drop he would help her wife to feed ASI to his baby and again wake up in the morning going to work... he said it was so exhausted but this is how being a good father and good husband =) this is so touching when he told me... I would say that her wife was so bless have a good husband also a good father =')

how about me..?? yeah being a single mum was so hard.. wake up every single night till drop.. wake up in the morning.. working and going home lately.. just seeing her smile when I go home, she make me feel strong again. she is my priority ( my baby is my priority ) how hard it is... how exhausted it is.., I was so grateful that I have my baby in my life now.. I learn a lot of lesson. I can't say that I'm a good mother... but I always try to be a good mother for my little angel. I promise to myself... one day if someone want me to be his wife... he have to love my daughter first than he can have me. even thought no one will.., that's ok.. I will be a good mother also a good father to my baby!! =)

Also I would like to say thank you to God. He is wonderful!! He is magnificent!! He know that I could do this. second I would like to say thank you to my baby father... the moment that I can't erase it from my memory.., he stay beside me.. cried and hold my hand so tied when I was giving birth to my baby. he still support me till now and sometimes he came by and play with his daughter =) and big thx to Marissa my best girl.. best friend.. best girl friend that I ever had.. I know I've been a pain in your but and I also have a lot's of mistake.., but thank you for supporting me and you always be there when I don't know who should I talk to.. I'm sorry for all my mistake and I really really love you =') also a great big thx to Frans and Roby who also support me and caring =') I love you guys a lot..!! Oh and thx to KGC PIK Pluit youth =') I was so bless knowing all of you in my life. really thx God for everything =')

some good news is ... I loss my weight about 9kg I think. but still.., I can't use my old pants ='( and my stretch mark is still there... I was going to buy mustella for my stretch mark.. but I use my money for my baby all the time... so yeah I think I have to wait till my money balance for everything..
about baby sister..?? I wasn't expect that I will use babysit but then..., seeing some people so tired keeping my baby accompany to play and everything.., yeah I will have to take one babysit for Aileen.. I hope I could find a good babysit.

I think that's all for my motherhood stuff.. I will be back writing about it again one day... just to busy with my baby and works also house work... so stay tuned hehehe love ya


  1. NO PROBLEM DARLING <3 That's what friend are for! STAY STRONG LOVE U!!!!!XXX

  2. u are the best mother for your daughter. always. Keep strong. God never leave u alone. ;)

    1. ouw thank you Yanita.., you're sweet =')


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