Event Report; Cosmekita

Welcome to the first lauching of Cosmekita!! Yes, I'm one of the beauty blogger that could come to the event. Meeting with other beauty blogger, having a yummy lunch time, a live demo of pro MUA and Hair Stylish and introducing about Cosmekita. 

Cosmekita was founded by Carmelia & her brother,Kenny. Dear have you heard about Cosmekita??? If not, let me introduce you about Cosmekita. The idea behind Cosmekita is, a suitable product and review for every girls in the word.

What I love is that everyone having a good time together. lunch, chit chat, sharing and meeting up like this really good for bloggers like us. Cosmekita have a great vision for user , blogger , vendor , and shop. 

User might find useful because you can find review of any products that she/he might want. Also they could know better about the blogger. where to shop and is it a trusted ol shop.

For Blogger like us, we could make our blog more lively and your traffic will be more up.

And guess what...!!!?? We have a greating video from Sanny Lie another Beauty Blogger, she is also one of the staff from Cosmekita. so sad that she couldn't come to the event... I was so hopping to see her.

We also having a demo from Olga one of popular Makeup Artis who is officially sponsored bu Anastasia Beverly Hills. Oh my I'm so jealous that she got sponsored from Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
She share a technique how to shape and fill your brow. Riri as the model, she is one of the beauty blogger to. Sorry I don't have the picture cause I don't have a good shoot. 

Last demo from Japan, Introduce one of fashion trend at Japan by mr. Yamano - san ( MUA ) and mr. Yazawa - san ( Hairstylish). They introduce us a lovely gold tatto as your cute acc. Simpel and elegent for party and photo shoot. 

Also Cosmekita having a giveaway for 3 people for taking a selfie with cosmekita. To bad I don't win. And I have a good godie bag that I will review soon :) ❤️ So much goodie right???

Last but not least...!! Selfie bomb..!! So glad meeting up with this selfie suka esi group... They were so funny. Can't wait to meet them again at other event.
That's it for the report guys!!  Thank you again for Cosmekita and congrats for the launching.

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