Gratefull month; end of June 2014

Hei ho LoveLeigh..!! This is end of June ❤️ I'm so bless and always grateful for everything in my life... To much to tell you guys for what happen in my life lately.. So hopefully you will never regret read about my gratefull post.

Softlens Ageha Natural Brown and Icy Grey

Heloooo Loveleigh...!!! Another review time...!! This time was about softlens..!! Been so long I wanted to try this softlens.

So many beauty blogger use ageha softlens from japan softlens. I'm so curious about it from the first time and yeah i bought it Yeiii...!! So here it is ❤️❤️

Pasjel yellow & purple

Hei Loveleigh,

Another skin care that I will review again today. You may been heard this Pasjel product right??!! Lot's of Phillipin people use this skin care... And look how amaze it is... ❤️❤️ 

Motherhood ; differences after give birth

Hi loveleigh,
This post maybe getting you bored reading it... wanted to share something about my after giving birth. Lots of differences about my body and stamina. Being a lady and mother was totally different.

Garnier Sakura White skincare day & night

Yeii.... I just found a new skin care.... I thought that it hasn't been release here at Jakarta. But, it was here...!! So let me introduce you to my new favorite skin routine...!!

Gratefull month ; end of mei

End of Mei... And I've been to busy with work and life. But still I've been so gratefull for what I have now and than... This is my 2nd post about my gratefull month :)