Gratefull month; end of June 2014

Hei ho LoveLeigh..!! This is end of June ❤️ I'm so bless and always grateful for everything in my life... To much to tell you guys for what happen in my life lately.. So hopefully you will never regret read about my gratefull post.

❤️ " keep faith in yourself... And give more smile to the world. You will never regret for what you have do. " my new moto.. Look how happy I am... Believe me every problem that we have, theres something that God wanted to tell us and learn from it. Maybe I'm not the only girl that happy. There must body anyone else  don't ya agree with me?? Or maybe it was you ❤️ I was so happy I can ride a big motorbike..!! V-ixion... So thankful to abang memet who really patiently teach me how hehehehe...!!! And just for 5 min I can handle it for myself...!! Happy me..!!❤️ Also thank God my ear was already back to normal... I can heAr again..!! Yeiii ❤️❤️ Lot's of detailing to do @ my office and this month is the end of everything... So next month I'm going to search a new job. Relaxing day with biore porepack..!! Every 2-3 day I use it..!! Guest what..!! I'm in the mood to blog this month hehehe event though I'm using via Iphone. also, i'm decide to end my relationship with my bf. why?? Because he doesnt profe himself that he worth for Aileen or me. So hopefully next time there wont be something like this again. 

Happy happy wedding my sista Chatty and my bro Effendy. Hope you guys stay happy, healthy and spread love every where like you use too hehehe... Time goes really fast huh..?? Can't wait to see ur little one. Have a great love life you two..!! ❤️ Be bless. Having a difficult time for me going to their wedding... But as a friend and sister I will do anything for ya Chatty #cipokbasah sorry for spamming picture here..!! 

A wedding kiss
With my fav girls
A lovely picture with the main bride and groom ❤️❤️

❤️ Tadaa...!! Aileen on here 6 montie..!! Omg I cant wait to hear her calling me mama...!! The biggest moment that i've been waitin for next month. You eat really fast also eat a lot.. Promise you I will make a good nutiricion for you Ai ❤️ I hope you will like it dear. Oooh some story for you loveleight know... 
Now a days , aileen wake up really early like 5.30 - 6 am in the morning.. And i'm still sleepy cause exsausted... Guest what..?? She punch / pull my hair really hard everytime she wake me up. She want attention every morning and kiss me in the cheeck... My gosh... Such a little angel..!! I love you so much Aileen ❤️❤️ 

So I'm really2 thankfull for everything..!! I love my God so much..!! Hopefully you guys also have a great great day everyday..!!! Love you loveleigh

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