Gratefull month ; end of mei

End of Mei... And I've been to busy with work and life. But still I've been so gratefull for what I have now and than... This is my 2nd post about my gratefull month :)

❤️ let's clap our hand for my little one!! Aileen on her 5 montie can sit down without anyone help her *clapclapclap* how excited am I as a mother !! I know that she can sit down cause my stepmum take this super cute picture to me and I was laugh so hard while working *hahaha Noticing that she can sit.., I really wanted to go home really fast..!! And yes!! She can sit without any help!! Superb cute..!! I also took a photo with polaroid..!! ❤️❤️ Aaah she is just to adorable...!! Mama proud of you Aileen *muaacchh
This is the picture that my stepmum took it ❤️
And this is me took the picture...!! Superb cute right?! She is I know *hehehe

❤️ I also learn that forgive and forget wasn't that easy, but I will always try to learn. I was dissapointed about my bf. but, I give him a second chance to encourange me that he worth for me and Aileen. Just don't let me down for the second chance alright. I'm still gratefull knowing you will accept me and Ai. I still love you as I love you before. Please prove me that you're worth of time.

❤️ Meet new friends again... And I have baby sister that only settle for 1 month *hikshiks after having a baby sister, I felt great and realife... Cause I have my own time... But well it only for 1 month and I'm still ok with it. 

❤️ end of mei I was sick.. Flu... And guest what?! Aileen too... I felt like disaster that time... I can't sleep really well for 5 days... 5 days dear... 1st day Ai cry alot and can't sleep.. And I have an idea.. Me and ai daddy take aileen go round the complex till she sleep.. * I also felt a sleep than 2nd day til 5fth day, aileen want to sleep on my chest till she fall a sleep really hard... Than I could sleep after she sleep. But I'm glad that now she is oke... And everytime I go home, she straightly want me to hug her... Aaaw felt the love so amazing...!!

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