Motherhood ; differences after give birth

Hi loveleigh,
This post maybe getting you bored reading it... wanted to share something about my after giving birth. Lots of differences about my body and stamina. Being a lady and mother was totally different.

When I was a lady, I was really hard working lady. 2 weeks / 3 weeks I would take a day off only 1 day. I also sleep around 2 or 3 am in the morning and awake on 7 am. After that my body getting droop and I drink lots of vitamins like kratingdeng , enervonce etc. It happens several times. Having a problem but I take it easy on me. When I'm having a period, never in my life I felt a cramp or etc.

See the differences..?? The left side when I'm still a lady and the right side is I'm right now.
When I be a mother, everything was difference. My body wells so week... back pain, feels pain here and there. Having a cramp on period day. Feels so different... feels like it wasn't my body or maybe... I feelt like this cause I doing everything by my self... yeah I might say that, cause I never treat my body to salon or spa to take care my body.. felt so horrible... cause I always give a good priority to my daughter first. 
I felt that what I'm doing now was good. But not that good enough... good for my daughter but not for my body. I should give a better treatment to my body at least once in a week or maybe 2 week. Really hard being a single mother. But I will always try my best.

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