Garnier Sakura White skincare day & night

Yeii.... I just found a new skin care.... I thought that it hasn't been release here at Jakarta. But, it was here...!! So let me introduce you to my new favorite skin routine...!!

Yes..!! This Garnier skincare make me fall in love..!! A cute travel size and really cute  packaging. Look at that sakura... Superb cute right..?? 

This one actually the day cream... I always use this as my base before I use my compact powder... It give you a smooth an pinkish skin on your face and neck. So actually, I only use my compact a little bit. 

This is the night cream, give your skin ultra soft and fresh in the morning... Make my face more fresh every morning..!! 

Definitely bought this product again..!! ❤️❤️ I just love how it is..!! You can bought this @ indomaret , alfamart , carefour , guardian , etc. 
price :
Day crem : 18k
Night cream : 22k

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