Pasjel yellow & purple

Hei Loveleigh,

Another skin care that I will review again today. You may been heard this Pasjel product right??!! Lot's of Phillipin people use this skin care... And look how amaze it is... ❤️❤️ 

Pasjel skincare have so many products. blue , yellow , purple , pink  and every products have their own use. 

I bought this two Pasjel product. Yellow and Purple.. Both have a differences.. Yellow for taking care your selulit... And purple for your black armpit. I've been using this two and I have a good result... Well maybe I have to bought it again next time... 

2 tumbs up for this skincare...!! Why..?? For the purple pasjel, My black armpit is whitter than before... I really going to bought it again soon or latter... And it was permanent result for me... Less than 1 week you can see the result..!! For the yellow pasjel, The result can be seen after 2 weeks or more... It only reduce it .. Not totally gone... And till now I still have my selulit. This two pasjel smells really nice. Purple pasjel smells like bubble gum and the Yellow pasjel smells ... Emmm ... Ok I forget hahaha :D 

Price??? Oke price doesn't lie for a good result. A bit pricey but good result..!! More than 300k for the purple pasjel and more than 200k for the yellow pasjel (last time that I bought ) 

You can buy this product at instagram
@titatu_lashes the owner is kind and sweet. Bought lots of beauty stuff from her. 

See you soon on my other post loveleigh ❤️


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