Softlens Ageha Natural Brown and Icy Grey

Heloooo Loveleigh...!!! Another review time...!! This time was about softlens..!! Been so long I wanted to try this softlens.

So many beauty blogger use ageha softlens from japan softlens. I'm so curious about it from the first time and yeah i bought it Yeiii...!! So here it is ❤️❤️

It come with a cute packaging. Soo girly and sweet. Contain 1 pair of softlens, cute lipstick pen and . 

I bought the Icy grey and got the natural brown from ( cosmekita ) 

My eyes was a bit sensitive... And I always give a tear drop on my eyes every 2 hours. But using this ageha softlens, give my eyes comfort and I rarely give a tear drop... Maybe 8 hours I give a tear drop. Soo I will give 4 tumbs up for this product.

Me using Ageha Natural Brown... Feels like I dont use a softlens at all and really look natural.

Me using Agha Icy Gray... Makes my eyes look so bright and still look natural..!! 

Note : you have to change the softlens every 6 months. 

You can bought the product at 
Instagram : @Japansoftlens

The owner was really kind and I already meet her at Cosmekita event ❤️ 

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