Kiss mineral aqua mud foam

Hai LoveLeigh..!! Gonna review my new cleaser from KISS. Since Thailand skincare so booming now a days, it was really easy to bought from olshop. ( but still choose wisely )

Cosmo eyebrow pencil 201 & 203

Hai Loveleigh...!!
Yesss...!! Another review time..!! This time about eyebrow pencil from Cosmo. One of my favourite makeup brand.

My fav book this year....!!!

Hai Loveleigh...,
This year I'm such an organizer women / mom. Theres a lot of book that I bought from instagram. This olshop have lots of unique book. 

Mizzu product eyeliner and mascara

Loveleigh I just bought mizzu product from Instagram... Lots of people using this product and I'm curious with it... So I bought all of it. 

What's inside my bag..?!

Hai hai Loveleigh... #muaach