Kiss mineral aqua mud foam

Hai LoveLeigh..!! Gonna review my new cleaser from KISS. Since Thailand skincare so booming now a days, it was really easy to bought from olshop. ( but still choose wisely )

So what's the difference of Kiss Mineral Aqua Mud Foam with the other cleanser??

I love the colour package... Really simple and lovely. 

This is how the bottle looks like. What I really love is this foam comes in a pump. The teksture isn't lengket and any skin type can use it. I love using this mud foam after taking a bath while my face still wet and I need 2 pump for my face. Wait till 5 minute and rinse my face. Best result use it 2 times daily morning and evening or night..!! I've been using this for more than 2 weeks.

As you can see, this is me after use kiss mud foam. My pimpels reduce more and more. I really loving it..!! My face now a days feels like a baby... Soo mois and it also reduce my back spot. Really reccomend this for ya loveleigh. 

And yes..!! This is Me without camera filter or any app. Pure front camera..!! So loving this..!! Thx to ci Debby she is really nice as an owner. 

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  1. kalo dipake pagi dan malem, bener-benr gantiin posisi facial foam yah?

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
    daku Lg Ngadain Giveaway lho . .
    Makasih :)


    1. ia bisa di bilang penganti facial foam say.


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