What's inside my bag..?!

Hai hai Loveleigh... #muaach

Just a random post from me again... :) maybe I will post this every 2 or 3 months hehehe. What's inside my bag...?!

Who knows... This day been so hot here at Indonesia... to hot I think. know what... I always love to have a medium to large bag. Cause I always bring a lot of stuff inside. Here we gooo....

1. Floral note
2. Samsung S4 & Iphone 4s
3. Pen
4. Eye drop travelsize 
5. wet & dry tissue
6. Hand sterilizer
7. Key bca
8. Lux 
9. Hair brush
10. Makeup bag
This is what inside my bag :) and what inside my makeup bag...?

1. Maybelline powder pack + sponge
2. Dolly wink eyeliner ( brown )
3. Lipsense
4. Naked lip
5. The bodyshop
6. The face shop angle brush
7. Maybelline blush
8. Baby lips 
9. Nyx lip
10. Maybelline nude
11. Clean and clear oil control
12. Makarizo

And I love this candy bag that I bought from ig : @nonataliashop 


  1. Lengkap sekali ceee :p

    Mind to visit my newest post?


    1. Ia de... mangkanya aku lebih seneng pakek tas yg medium or large size hihihi

  2. I bring my oil control film everywhere I go too :D Love the baby lips lipbalms :)


    1. Hehehe... me too 😊 oil film really important eh...


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