Greatfull month of August 2014

august beauty & skincare Haul...!!

hello loveleigh..!! I know that this is my 1st post of my beauty haul...!! I will do this sort of post rarely, hope you want to know my haul and I will be reviewing this really soon.

Giveaway ; 1st giveaway from Jessica Ie

good news loveleigh....!! Jessica Ie from iamfoodeater, hold her own 1st mini giveaway..!!
she is one of my cute little sister blogger :p she is sassy... sexy... lovable... and friendly. oh yeah.., she will anounce 2 winner for this giveaway. so no more talk and let's see what the price is.

Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen

hello again LoveLeigh blogger friends all around the world...!! yess another skincare review for ya..

Gino McCray Shading Powder

Hellooo again Loveleigh blogger friends all around the world :* yes another review for ya....

Gino McCray absolute concealer

Well hello again my LoveLeigh Blogger friends :* yes it was another review for you loveleigh

My Baby grow up really fast

Hai Loveleigh mother all around the world...!! How are you..??!! Everything oke right??!! How about your baby or kids?? I hope everything is fine.
So yeah it's been a long time for me not talking about motherhood so here I am gonna talk to ya about motherhood again. 

Gino McCray eyebrow pencil

Yes it's another review LoveLeigh...!! Hehehe hoping that you will always like my post and I hope it really usefull for ya :) happy reading smooochhh

Gratefull month end of July 2014