august beauty & skincare Haul...!!

hello loveleigh..!! I know that this is my 1st post of my beauty haul...!! I will do this sort of post rarely, hope you want to know my haul and I will be reviewing this really soon.

that's my August Beauty and SkinCare haul. wasn't that much... and some of them, I've been already review. there will be Gino McCray, Mixing pallete, Bh Cosmetics, eco tools brush, Maybelline, SK II and Milani.

1. look at that Forever nude fro. Bhcosmetics...!! just a natural colour and I love the colour. review soon.
2. I've been in love with this Milani baked blush that one of my beauty guru almost always use. so I can't handle my self to try it. review soon
3. bought this eco tools mini set... cause I really need a small brush...!! and I was dilema choosing between eco tools and techniques brush... maybe I will bought it again. review soon

4. SK II white seri that I've been waiting to try on...!! hoping that it works really well for me. review soon 
5.Maybelline white superfresh powder pact.. well,I'm such a fans with maybelline product..!! review soon
6.maybelline eyebrow that makes me wanna try. review soon
7. maybelline dream matte mouse... this is a unique foundation... and I'm going to try this out. review soon
8. maybelline calor tattoo in gold... don't ya see that epic gold colour..??
9. maybelline concealer... 
10. maybelline color show nail polish... well I'm not a huge fans of nail polish... but I need it sometimes.. 
11. maybelline lip polish... wanted to try this...!!

12. Mixxing pallete Hello Kitty...!! who doesn't want to buy this...!! super cute right?!
13. Gino McCray absolute co concealer read here
14. Gino McCray eyebrow in brown read here
15. Cosmos eyebrow read here

16. Gino McCray shading...!!! read here

well...., that's it loveleigh. that's my beauty haul on August... and there still a lots of stuff that I wanted to buy. 

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  1. Forever nude fro. Bhcosmetics, repiewww nya ditunggu, pensaran bgt, hehehe

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
    daku Lg Ngadain Giveaway lho . .
    Makasih :)


    1. pasti deh... pasti aku review secepatnya hehehe


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