Gino McCray absolute concealer

Well hello again my LoveLeigh Blogger friends :* yes it was another review for you loveleigh

Yes another product from Gino McCray that I bought from @beautygoodsid instagram. This is my 3rd bought a concealer... I dont really into concealer but well.., now a days my " channel bag " I mean my panda eyes was so black and thick from my abnormal sleeples night hahaha.... So yes I bought this Gino McCray Absolute Concealer and surely I love it...!!

I love the black and white packaging... look simple and chuby. It was smooth and creamy. I have it in shade light no. 01

You need to swivel-up / turn left to use it. Gently put under your dark circle or small blemish. But be careful to swivel it up cause you dont want to brake it right :) 

How to use :

I always use concealer after my skincare and foundation or BB cream. You dont want to swatch the concealer on your eyes cause it will remove the product. So gently just tap-tap-tap. You can use this concealer as a highlight you nose and also you pointy lips. 

Really a good concealer, it just my dark circle eyes to dark :'D 

Will you repurchase?? Maybe.
Price ?? IDR 138.000,-
Instagram : @beautygoodsid


  1. harganya lumayan yahhh :( padahal udah suka sama packaging nya.. nice review..

    1. ia nih... tapi worth it banget kok.
      ur welcome say :)

  2. great post:3 btw do you mind to follow each other? let me know <3


    1. sure2 lets follow each other sweet heart.


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