Gratefull month end of July 2014

Hello Loveleigh...!! I know right it's time for gratefull month post again =] being so happy every time I wrote this post. Well, basicly means I stay gratefull for what I have in my life.

❤️ Aileen is 7 montie old and going to 8 montie... Time goes really fast... And she can crawl back already =] she also have 1 teeth now. Aileen also wearing an earing now... She look more cute...!!! She love to talk to me even though I don't know what she said =D 

❤️ Shopping with my mum.., for my new heels , bag also work clothes. I just love shopping with my mum.. Even though we  rearlly going shopping. But meet up with my mum and knowing that she still healthy and all that giving me a realive... I love my mum so much.

❤️ did you guys go to president election?? I do =] doesn't matter if you choose no 1 or no 2 , rememmber pancasila no 3 =] " persatuan Indonesia " hope Indonesia the best and congrats to Bpk. Jokowi dan Bpk. JK for being the next President and Vice President 2014 - 2019. Alsoo proud to have a good and nice Gubernur DKI Bpk. Ahok

❤️ happy lebaran everyone.., my vacation day with Aileen is nothing but a loving day. Mohon maaf lahir batin buat teman2 yang merayakan ya =] 

❤️ bought a lot of haul.. Mizzu product, Thailand skincare ( Kiss Product ) , Gino Product , some cute stuff too. Aaah also thank you to abang for the DVD player..!! 

❤️ who love Germany???!!!! Yes me me me..!! ( also Aileen ) Congrats to Germany for winning the world cup 2014. I know this year is your winning..!! 

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