Greatfull month of August 2014

♡ this August I spent alot of money for beauty and skincare stuff... but everything is worth it..!! I need nee stuff to try on. SK II is the best of all, even though I'm not buying the big size causr the price is more than the travel size one. 

♡ having a good friend, nee friend, big brother that care about me.. loving me.. and accept ne for who I am is a new one... no no... I'm not in love but we are a new family. 

♡ reunion with my Junior High School girls...!! haven't meet up like abouy 6 or 9 years ago. not much chance, but one of us getting married soon. my gosh can believe time goes really fast.

♡ my little princess Aileen now is 8 months 14 days... and she has 2 teeth already. she mumbling "" happiness...!! :') also... she learning to walk and walk...

♡ been 6 months haven't cut my hair and now I've alrd cut it. even though I don't like my bangs been cut like a young girl.. cause someone doesn't hear me saying clearly.., but I love my hait now... more volume.

thx God for every blessing day that you have give me. 

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