My Baby grow up really fast

Hai Loveleigh mother all around the world...!! How are you..??!! Everything oke right??!! How about your baby or kids?? I hope everything is fine.
So yeah it's been a long time for me not talking about motherhood so here I am gonna talk to ya about motherhood again. 

Mom, you all know right that ur baby grow up so fast... And you cant believe that the next month your baby could do this and that. Same goes to me... I love my baby so much... I wish I could just stay at home and play with my baby all the time. I want to spent everyday of my life with he/she. But I know that it was impossible... But one thing that I know, I will always love my baby. 

Aileen my baby was adorable and super cute. Ai always do something funny when  I was by her side. Aileen already grow 1 tooth and she always play her tooth with her lips. Making sound like " muah muah muah " on her 8 months old, she love to eat banana and she also like to play peek - a - boo with me. She lough so hard every time we play that. I would say that baby have a strong feeling when his/her parents having a little fight. Thats what I know about my baby Ai. Every time I fight with her daddy, than she always crying for no reasone. We never fight in front of our baby... We fight throu chat. 

Oh yes, Aileen learn to walk... Still learning by one two three step. Hope I can hear her call me "mama" soon. Cause the doctor said to me that I have to teach Aileen say " ma ma ma " and I've alrd tought her that from 7 months old. But still being a single parent was hard for now..., cause I dont have my own house to stay. Stayed with my step mom wasnt a good decision... Thats why I need to leave Quickly. I want my own house so my baby know that she grow up own her own home. Life goes on and my baby grow up so fast. 4 months to go and Aileen already 1 year old.

Well, that's it for today chit chat... Hope I could talk more soon enough moms or mom to be. Love ya....

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