Gino McCray eyebrow pencil

Yes it's another review LoveLeigh...!! Hehehe hoping that you will always like my post and I hope it really usefull for ya :) happy reading smooochhh

Another eyebrow that I bought...!! Gino McCray.., have you heard about this beauty product?? Me ?? Nope... Bought it from my friendly olshop :) you can cek the link later on. Sooo... Why did I bought this eyebrow?? Actually I really love eyebrow pencil and eyebrow pencil is a must for me..!! If I don't use eyebrow, my face would really look pale..!! Horor right?? This Gino McCray make me fall in love ❤️❤️ 

Bought this Gino McCray shade no.3 and know what..?? The colour really look like Shu Uemura ( seal brown ) what I really like from this eyebrow pencil it has a in it.
Also it have a creamy texture in it. Really easy to apply for me. Also this eyebrow pencil is WATERPROOF :)

See it really suit me right?? The colour was really blend well with my hair colour. Thx to Ci Wenny the owner of the olshop... And I also bought another Gino McCray so wait till my next post LoveLeigh.

Will you repurchase?? Totally..!!
How much?? IDR 155.000,-
Instagram : @beautygoodsid


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