Gino McCray Shading Powder

Hellooo again Loveleigh blogger friends all around the world :* yes another review for ya....

Yeiii another Gino McCray shading. Am I a fans of Gino McCray..??? Well not really... I bought it cause I need a new product to use and review :) and loveleigh, you know right I bought it from @beautygoodsid hehehe they sell Gino McCray products. 

What I like about this product ?? Their packaging is simple. Black and white is a perfect combination. The shading package comes in a handy too...medium size and round shade. so I could put inside my makeup bag. 

This is a pigmented shading powder... But not that high-pigmented. See that swatch...?? You could use this for shading of course and also a blush. This Gino McCray Shading powder will give you smooth focus and define as it say on the box ( also as I said ). 

See how smooth it is..??!! Dont look at my nose... I know ini terlalu pesek wkwkwkwk... But it give me a good define. Oh ya, my face is a O face.

How to use :
I always use shading after applied my bb cream / foundation. Forehead, dawn the jaw line and up under the chin also under the cheek. ( use medium angle brush ) for the nose ( use small angle brush / or finger ) after the shading I applied powder  all over my face and blend everything nicely with my brush. 

Oh ya, they also have the Hi-light one... So I will buy that soon and review it. 

Rate this : 5/5
Will you repurchase?? Yess..!!!
Price ?? 190.000,-
Instagram : @beautygoodsid


  1. warnanya soft ya... bakal nampak natural buat shading nihh... apalagi dapet full rate dari kamu :)
    nice review..

    btw, aku follow blogmu ya. mau follback kah ?

    1. ia nih bagus banget say... so far jdi andalan aku hihhi

  2. Wah ini produknya Beauty Buffet nya Thailand ya..???
    Kalau di counternya Thailand brgnya murah2 dan bikin ngiler...
    saking jauuhh dan di Indo jarang jual produknya beauty buffet
    thanks info tempat jualnya... itu di Instagram ya?

    1. ini si setau aku dri korea...
      ia di jual di instagram say. ayuks di beli... aku lg ngumpulin buat bli hi lightnya nih hehehe


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