Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen

hello again LoveLeigh blogger friends all around the world...!! yess another skincare review for ya..

Kiss Whitening Collagen...!! this cream mask came with a big box and I've been using this product over 1 month. this is a late review :p cause to many stuff that I really want to review this month. so today I'm gonna review this skincare product. yes this is one of the popular item in Thailand. no no no... you don't have to buy this product there. Indonesian online shop have it.., but you have to know which one is real and fake. I bought this product from @clickforkawaii . they sell a lots of thailand product and it's real. 

soo this is the box... too bad my package penyok di bagian atas. but that's ok..., the real kiss skincare have their own label. a pink sticker logo Kiss and when you open the box, you will see the Kiss emboss inside the box. you might not really see my picture clearly. what I like about the package is that the white pink and black font. look simple and sweet. back on the box, you can see how to use this cream and everything. 

Kiss Whitening Collagen came with 2 size which is 15 ml and 30 ml. so I decide to buy the 30 ml than the 15 ml and it cost just a little more for the 30 ml. it say that Kiss Whitening Collagen make your face look glowing ( yes I'm agree ) , reduce pimples ( again I'm agree ). this is gonna be my prelove item..!! 

as you can see... you could open this product and see the cream. the texture is creamy and it doesn't sticky at all. it come with a pump so there will be no germs. just pump it a little bit and your cream will came out as how many amount you want. 

They give me that flawless and glowing skin. Use Kiss Whitening Collagen 2 - 3 times weekly. Feel the magic that happen to your face. 

Thats it loveleigh...!! Kiss Whitening Collagen Mask..!! The best skincare that I ever had. 

Rate : 5/5
Price : forget :p
Repurchase : yes yes ...!!
Instagram : @clickforkawaii


  1. Jadi pengen cobain cee ><

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyou so much :D

    1. cobain deh mei.., ini bagus banget ga boong deh


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