Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer

Well Hello again LoveLeigh..!! concealer.. concealer... concealer... don't lie to me..!! you need concealer too right?!  so here come my favorite concealer for this 3 months..!!

I would say that I'm addicted with this maybelline concealer..!! I've been repurchase this 3 times I think. I'm in love with this concealer..!! don't lie to me..., as a high school student, Collage ppl,  Karyawan and mother, you need this freaking little products...!! I've seen many beauty guru also use this as their concealer.


If I'm not wrong they have 2 shade here in Indonesia. Light one and Medium-sand one. I thought that this medium-sand was under tone for my skin. cause the first time I bought this at maybelline counter, they done have the tester... =( and It they only have the medium-sand shade. What The Hell right..?? so I bravely buy this shade and hopes it really works well with my skin..!! as you can see this concealer is really easy to go to..!! it have a nice brush too. just like a liptint packaging.

Don't mind my dark hand.. I drive a motorcycle so it's a little bit darker than my face. See that Swatch..?? yes that's the medium-sand shade... and it really suit me really well..!! blend really well and doesn't stick at all..!!  noticing this concealer is a good products for hide my redness and dark spot also dark circle...!! it was quiet cheap price for a good quality products..!!

How To use :
 the 1st picture I saw you my dark spot cause of pimple
2nd picture I just give a dots around the dark spot
3rd just tab tab tab with you finger..!! don't you ever rub a concealer, you don't want to waste ur concealer right..??
4th ta-daaa....!! It's goneee goneee like the win..!! 

Rate : 5/5
Price : maybe around 40.000 - 60.000 IDR
Repurchase : yes..!! yes..!! yes..!!

That's it Loveleigh..!! God Bless and Good luck all =*


  1. Wow that concealer looks great!
    I personally have heard rave reviews about high-end brands like Nars and Bobbi Brown but Maybelline seems more than enough for light discolourations~ Thanks so much for the demonstration and swatch, it was really informative! =D

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Cant agree more dear..!! This a good concealer..!! My 1st is mufe than mac. This the 3rd one..

  2. Harganya ga beda jauh yah sama yang pond's tapi malah lebih bagus ini.

    btw, aku nominated kamu di liebster awards ^^

    1. oh ponds juga ada ya..?? aku malah baru tau =)
      thx for nominated me =) aku udah ada kok =)

  3. wooo full rate... :) aku juga suka concealer ini

    1. ia full rate nih nis..., habis concealer drugstore yang menurut aku oke cuma ini doang hehehe

  4. aaahh jadi kepngen nyobain juga meliisa concealer ini..
    kira2 dibuat highlight under eye bisa ga ya?

    1. cobaiin manda bagus banget kok.
      kalau buat highlight bagian hidung masih oke sih tapi under eye ya selama ini aku pakek
      boleh juga sih hehehe

  5. Sering banget liat produk ini, tp belum pernah nyoba juga sampai sekarang -___-
    Makasih reviewnya.

    Love, Indira.

    1. ayuk di coba... #racunracun hehe
      sama2 cantik =)


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