Maybelline Dream Matte mousse Foundation

Hello again my Loveleigh..!! yes yes yes.. another beauty review post...!! who doesn't love to applied Foundation?? I just found a flawless Foundation and it was a unique one..!!

 Yess...!! Maybelline Dream Matte mousse Foundation...!! This is my first time using Maybelline Foundation... I always love Maybelline products from oversea cause they have like lot's of type. But.., I still love my own country products as well =) soo let's get back to the topic. I bought this at Guardian I think.., and I saw only 2 or 3 shade.. sorry forgot hehe. but actually they have 12 shade (oversea) 4 shade (Indonesia) and I only found the Natural Beige & Light Beige I think.

So I bought the Natural Beige and it's a bit dark 1 tone from my skin..., cause my skin now a days much more brighter than ever..!! yeii...!! So this is the products looks like... cute right..?? really simple right. This is why I say that it was a unique foundation. see that mousse texture...?? I was never use this type of foundation. 

See that mousse texture and when I swatch it, It blend really nice and give you that matte finish look..!! for Dry or Oily Skin type you can use this. What I really love about this Maybelline Dream Matte mousse, it give me a flawless look..!! sometimes I don't use a powder pact after applying this foundation. well..., for my oily type of skin it last around less than 5 hours inside room. never use this outside yet. well.., it was still a good coverage and a light foundation ever..!!
some tips for my loveleigh reader; you can use with your bare hands ( don't forget to wash your hand first oke ) or you may use a beauty blender ( it was much easier ) don't use any foundation brush or you will never get the foundation evenly. 

 That's me using Maybelline Dream Matte mousse Foundation..!! flawless right..?? 

Rate : 4/5
Price : erm.. maybe around IDR 100.000 
Repurchase : maybe 
cause I'm look for maybelline Dream wonder liquid

well that's it Loveleigh..!! Good luck and God Bless


  1. Aku juga suka produk Maybeline mel..hehhehe..
    Kayaknya bagus ya Dream Mouse ni ^O^
    Thanks reviewnya...

    1. bagus len..!! tapi sayang ya.. yg di Indo ga selengkap di luar punya...
      padahal ngiler banget ngeliat produk maybelline di luar sana... :'D


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